January 20th, 1944

Hi darling.

Well dear I have just finished reading your last letter and was very glad to hear from you as usual and also very glad to hear that you are feeling so well. It will be just 2 weeks tomorrow that I left dear and if I wanted I could get a 48 hour leave this weekend but I think I will let it go tot he end of the month. Then I will take my other four days in the middle of next month.
Well Marg is in the family way, well what do you know. I am sorry to hear that she isn’t very happy about it. I can only imagine how she is taking the news and that she must be very scared at the prospect of doing this alone. The way that I look at having a baby is that it will make us love each other even more is that is possible dear and I really don’t think I could love you any more dear. And just think it won’t be very long now darling. This fellow I was telling you about that had the baby well he only took a 48 hour leave to go home and see his wife. He is saving his annual leave until she is up and around again and then they can have a lot of fun together. I was wondering what you would rather have me do darling? Because I’ll do just what you would like so let me know.
Well dear I have not done very much since I wrote you. I saw a dandy picture Monday night. It was “Destination Tokyo” and was it ever a dandy picture. If you have the time and want to see a good picture I would say go see this one as there is a lot of action and I know that you like the kinds of pictures.
They had a concert on last night and tonight they are having a dance but I think I will go bowling with the boys. So you have done a little knitting lately dear. I am glad to hear that. I guess out little bundle will have enough to wear anyways dear eh?
I think Marg is foolish to do everything that the Simpsons want her to do. She is too easy with them. If she doesn’t watch out she is going to harm herself.
Boy wouldn’t it be nice dear if the war was over by this time next year. Little Donna would only be a year old then and couldn’t we have an awful lot of fun together dear but as you say we are still young and we have lots of fun ahead of us. I am glad that you have that blanket with you dear as you say it will help you keep warm dear along with the little baby growing inside of you. I can’t hardly wait to meet them.
Well darling I am afraid that is about all for now but I will write you again on Saturday or Sunday and so darling, I’ll just close by saying that I love you dear from the bottom of my heart.
All my love,



One thought on “January 20th, 1944

  1. Re: the new father who took only a 48 hour leave to see his wife and newborn, saving his leave until she was more up and about to have fun, grrrr. Not impressed.
    And poor Beverly. If she had the resources (external, hello husband? and internal) to stand up to the abusive in laws, she would have by now. We do this, sliding into blaming the woman (why is she taking the abuse, why didn’t she see the abuse, etc etc) rather than express anger towards the mean people. I wonder if anyone then just flat out told her she doesn’t deserve it and doesn’t have to live there. Husband has a job, they could find a flat…

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