January 17th, 1944

Hello Dearest

Well darling, I finally have your address and I now have a chance to write to you and let you know all the news from home and seeing as you were just here on leave there is not that much you do not already know.
Bill darling, it was certainly lovely having you at home and what made it extra special was that I did not have to go to work during the day and that we were able to spend so much time together . I want to let you know that those times when we would just be at home together making breakfast and sitting and listening to the radio were some of the most wonderful times. I know it was only for a few days but I think dear that this was what I expected married life to be and if this is what will happen in the future once our little baby comes along I will be very happy.
Your Mom and Pop were certainly very glad to have us stay with them while you were here, and I think that the extra company really did wonderful things for your mom seeing as she has been quite lonely as of late.
As you know dear I have been doing a little knitting here and there as I am no longer at work. I think that my knitting is getting quite good and I am hopeful that I will have a few items of clothing for the baby when it arrives in April.
Darling, I think I can now tell you the biggest news that we have around here. Marg came over last night after supper and she let Mom Pop and me know that she is expecting. She is not sure how far long she is, but I think she is thinking that the baby will be due some time in September. At first I thought how wonderful that will be that she will have a little one in the same year as I do and that they might grow up together and be very close like Marg and I are. And then reality hit us all and we now know that she will have to live with the Simpsons until Ted is done with his services. I cannot even begin to think of how they will treat her while she is expecting and even when the baby comes I am sure Marg will have a rough go of it. She did have a good cry with us, and I am not even sure if they were happy tears or not. Either way dear, I said that I will be there for her and that she could have some of the new born clothes once I am finish with them and that seemed to cheer her up.
Darling, I am wondering when you will get you next 48 leave and when you think you will be coming home? I guess I am now getting spoiled seeing as you are so much closer to home than you were when you were in Halifax. And I am hoping that this war will be over before too long and that you will be home for good. Dear, when do you hear from the Army office about your examination and what you are going to do about the Air Force. I am hoping that you will be able to stay where you are and not have to transfer somewhere far away.
I am feeling fine dear, even though I am eating like a horse and that I am always so darn hot. I guess the baby is going to run hot, or is like this with everyone who is expecting. I guess Marg will let me know when it is her time.
Well dear I think I will sign off for now seeing as I have giving you big news to think about and let me know about your leave and please take a minute to write a few lines to your Mom and you Aunt as I think that they would really appreciate it.
So for now darling, loving you from the bottom of my heart, from your ever growing wife,



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