January 24th, 1944

Hello Darling;

Well dear here I am again writing to you as I said I would. I hope you are keeping yourself nice and warm at home as it is terribly cold here.
Well dear things are going along “right” good and I think that it will be a lovely station in the summer. The meals aren’t perfect right now but i think it will take a little while to get going but the barracks and everything else is real comfortable. The Montreal Ski Club want 50 fellows to go skiing and tobogganing last week but there is an invitation coming in every day for different affairs.
Saturday night some Scotch Lodge wanted a few fellows to go to a dance at the Mount Royal Hotel and some of the boys had a real good time there. I was going to go myself but it really is to far to go into Montreal and you know how I like to get to my bed early.
Sunday night Norm and I went to the Rotary Club in Lachine and had quite a very nice evening and they served tea and cake too. Tonight there is a show on the station and tomorrow night a dance. Wednesday night there is a concert, Thursday night a show and on Friday a dance, but dear, I really must to getting old because dancing does not appeal to me without you anymore so I don’t bother.
Well dear I could have got a 48 hour leave last weekend but I thought I would let it go until next week because I might be able to get away Friday afternoon. So you could stay at our house Friday night anyway dear and even if I don’t get in until Saturday morning you will be there but I will try and let you know definitely in my next letter as to whether I’ll be in Friday night or Saturday morning.
Well I guess Ted knows the good news by now or is it bad news for him. Gee dear I was just thinking last night how happy and proud I was that I am going to be a father but there is one thing worrying me and that is what name shall we give the baby if it is a boy. We have been so decided on Donna for a girl but I have not thought much about a name if it is a boy. What do you think, I kind of like Butch, but I will leave it to you to decide.
Well darling I sent your form away and I’ll be bringing my pipe down with me on the weekend and so for now darling, I’ll just close by saying I love you very much.
Your loving husband,



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