November 21st, 1943

Hello dear

Well dear, how have you been keeping? I hope that you have been behaving yourself down there and you have not been eating all those sundaes every night or I will not know you when I see you darling.
I have been feeling very well this last week and I think that if everything goes right that I will continue to put weight on dear and that is a good thing. I weighed myself and I am 115 lbs dear and boy I do not think that I have ever been that heavy and if I continue to put on weight I might not be able to fit into my Christmas dress which means dear that I will have to go shopping to make sure that I have something nice to wear when I see you in just 4 weeks.
Last night I went to the show with Irene and we saw a double feature, but they were not very good. We decided to walk home and as the night was rather brisk I am glad that I had my winter coat on dear but I could hardly do the buttons up as my waist has certainly expanded.
It is so nice to hear that you have my picture pinned up in your locker dear and that you think of me in the morning and when you get yourself ready for bed in the evening. I only wish that I was there in person to help tuck you in (ha ha).
I think that you would have many different kind of fellows down there in your barracks and hearing about the french kid and all the trouble he is getting into makes me think darling what are you really up to besides eating sundaes and writing letters to me. Have you learned anything from the French kid, and is he teaching all you boys a thing or two about how not to treat the women of Halifax. I can only imagine what goes on there with all you boys, carrying on about all your antics, it can drive a person mad if they think about it.
You have been attending a few boxing and wrestling matches later eh? I am not sure that I would enjoy watching two people punch and throw each other around in a ring, but then you said that you were actually taking practice classes at night. Bill dear what do you think you are going to do to me when I finally see you? I hope that you are keeping that imagination in check as I think I might be in for a heap of trouble.
I know you are getting the paper down here dear but I am wondering what you would like me to do about the subscription as I think it is coming up for renewal. I can take care of it up here dear but can you please just let me know.
I am still planning on you coming down here for your leave at New Year’s, even though I am a little disappointed about you not being here for Christmas at least I think and hope that you will be here for New Years and we will be able to spend some time together just you and me. Speaking of Christmas I think that it is time that we start our Christmas shopping and I will need to get a few presents out of the way so thatI am not rushing around closer to the holidays. I think that I will get a baby doll for Beverley and then you can let me know what you are thinking about getting your folks and I will see if I can get my discount again at Eaton’s.
Right now I am listening to the radio and they are playing slow songs that you can dance to and I think that there will be nothing nicer dear than having you at home and us dancing together as the snow falls. Wouldn’t that just be lovely dear.
Well darling that is all the news for now so I will close here but please write soon and let me know about your leave and the arrangements that you plant o make so that way I can meet you at the station. So loving you more and more each day, form your loving wife,



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