November 20th, 1943

Hello darling;

Well dear here it is Saturday afternoon and I have just awoke from a very nice 2 hour sleep. Things are pretty quite in the barracks right now. Norm, Paul and 3 or 4 other lads are downtown doing their Christmas shopping and the other boys are all sleeping, my radio is just playing a solid hour of swing.
The lad that sleeps opposite of me has just returned from temporary duty at Windsor Ont. He was telling me how cold it was up there. I haven’t even started to wear my good coat down here yet but we had a late fall own here as you know.
I received your letter today and boy you really will be Miss America by the time I get home but to me darling you always have been and I just can’t wait until the end of next month but the time is certainly slipping by. Lloyd Waters is in the hospital as he has a slight concussion. He was fooling around with a fellow and got a kick behind his ear, it isn’t very serious though and he should be out in a week or two. I dont know how he will be bale to tell his wife though, if I was him I wouldn’t because she would just worry over it.
I have not been doing very much as usual. Wednesday night I went to the station show, Thursday night I went and saw our boxing and wrestling show and it was very good. Friday night they had 2 pictures on the station show they weren’t to bad. Tonight is dance night but I don’t think that I will be going. I think I will take in a show downtown for a change. I haven’t been to a show on Saturday night for quite a while.
So you know Robert Coote, the actor, he arrived on the station this morning, he was in that picture “Forever and a Day” he was the blind soldier who was boarding at the house during the last war. I was talking to him this morning and he didn’t seem to be too bad of a guy.
I forgot to mention that I am doing a little wrestling and boxing at nights after the show, just to get me in shape for comping home, so you had better watch out darling as I will be raring to go. Gee but I sure miss you darling and do I ever love you. I have your picture pinned right up in my locker because darling you are my one and only pin-up girl.
We have a little French kid of 17.5 with us and he really is a funny little lad. The joke of it is that he has more women phone him then any other guy in the barracks. We all want to know what his secret is, but you know these French boys and you know what these Halifax girls want so what do you think it is?
Darn it, but I am sorry about those underwear dear, I’ve been trying to get it away but I will next week for sure. No I have not told the boys yet, I am going to wait until I come back after its over and hand out cigars, it will be more fun to watch the expressions on their faces. Well dear you are just a bout 1/2 way along now and if the next 4 1/2 months go as fast it won’t be long dear and who knows the darn war might be over by then. I don’t mind the life too much dear as long as I have someone as sweet and true as you to come home to and a little daughter besides you know dear they say it takes a good man to have a daughter, so we” have to see if I am or not. I’m particularly glad to see in your letter that first measurement of 35″, boy you shouldn’t have told me that. I won’t sleep at nights now knowing what is in store for me on my leave oh boy!
Well honey I guess I have to end it here and get off to dinner now but I will write you again on Tuesday or Wednesday, and so darling loving you always from the bottom of my heart.
Your loving husband,



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