November 24th, 1943

Hello Darling;

Well dear here I am again, it is Wednesday afternoon and as things are a little on the quiet side I thought I would drop you a few lines. Received your last letter yesterday dear and was very glad to hear from you.
Things are just about the same as when I last wrote you dear. I have not done anything exciting. Sunday night I went to the station show and saw real old fashion cowboy picture with lots of “shootin'” so I didn’t mind that. Monday night I went tot he show and saw some second rate picture. Last night Norm and I saw the Air Force show and it was really OK, confidentially though I think some of the girls used to be on the Casino Stage but everybody seemed to enjoy it.
Well darling it is only a month tomorrow until Christmas, that is only 4 weeks, boy that isn’t very long is it dear and nobody is looking forward to it more than I am dear, boy do I ever love you an awful lot babe, what power is it you have over me dear. I guess it is because you are my wife.
Darling, I don’t want to damper your feelings about my leave dear but I think that something might be coming up to cancel it. I haven’t heard anything definite about it as yet but there is definitely something in the wind, but you know dear you never can tell whats going to happen so we’ll just keep our fingers crossed. At any rate dear I still have those 4 days coming to me so I’ll probably get home right after New Years, however dear don’t do anything until you hear further form me and that should be within the next week anyway.
Well lets talk about something a little more pleasant. I’m glad you are taking real good acre of yourself darling. They are certainly serving dandy sundaes here now dear almost as good as those ones we used to get at Rice’s. I certainly get a little homesick when I look at the shows on Danforth in the paper. Oh well dear we’ll be looking at them together someday and deciding what show we’ll take in that night.
I had a long talk with Norman Hall and he knows you and Marg, he didn’t know that Marg and Ted were married. He thought I was pretty lucky to be in Canada so that I could get home to you once and a while. He just got married you know and I rather think that he wants fussy about going overseas right away.
Oh did you see int he paper where Allan Payton had been killed overseas? I had cut out the article but it is down in my locker so I cannot enclose it within this letter. You met him when you were down here dear and he used to live on Laird Ave, boy, it didn’t take him long to get his.
How are you making out with our shopping dear? Have you got anything for your folks and my Mom and Pop? I really don’t know what they need but I will leave it up to you.
Darling, I’m a bit worried about you working. I think in fact I want you to just quit right after you see the doctor on the 6th. Darling there is no use taking a chance is there, just for a couple of weeks extra pay. It is not worth it particularly at Christmas when we are so busy. So darling I really want you to quit in a couple of weeks so won’t you please? You will be 5 months by the 6th of next month and I think that you’ll feel like resting yourself.
Well darling I think hat is about all the news for now and so darling I’ll just close by saying I love you from the bottom of my heart.
Your loving husband,



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