November 17th, 1943

Hello Darling;

Well I have just finished reading your last letter dear and as usual I am going to answering it right away.
I have just finished a chicken dinner and it certainly is tiresome getting chicken so often, it will be nice to get back to beefsteak and veal cutlets, won’t it be great though when I come home at nights for supper and have it in our own little place with nobody to bother us and then have my Mother and Pop over to watch the children while we go out for an evening but I could have just as much fun staying home every evening with you dear.
One of the boys I chum around with who is from Toronto is expecting a family in the middle of January. His wife is smaller than you are dear so I wouldn’t worry about that and the drummers wife is quite a bit smaller too. I am quite glad to hear that you are feeling well and I know that Mom Booth is seeing that you get the right food, my we should have a superman for a son or a daughter.
Well they asked us when we wanted our leave and I’m lined up for New Years. I think that I’ll get it but you never can count on anything.
I hear that Bert Niosi won’t be down at the Palais anymore, it seems they asked for more money and they wouldn’t give it to them so they went up and quit. It won’t seem the same down there anymore, will it dear? We’ve had a lot of good times down here haven’t we and you can bet we’ll have lots more.
I have not been doing much darling. Sunday night I saw the station show, it was a “Flacon” picture and Monday night I saw that musical picture with all the stars in it, Bette Davis, Errol Flynn, it was really good and it is coming to the Capital next week.
Poor old Bert and his wife are looking for another place and I think I forgot tot ell you dear do you remember when they thought they were getting that place for $13 a month. Well it was $13 dollars a week that they are paying for now and she gets her meals for an extra $8 a month, so I guess that we didn’t do too bad when you were down here eh dear?
I didn’t go anywhere to do anything last night except for my nightly sundae and glass of milk and then I came back to the barracks and did a little reading. Tonight I am going to the station show and tomorrow night they are having a boxing and wrestling show that is something that you and I will have to see dear.
Tell my Mom and Pop to get cracking and send me a letter, but I guess that there is one no the way by now.
You can give me Doris’ address dear and any others that you think I should send cards to. I have about 4 or so that I won’t be able to use so let me know dear.
I’m sorry darling but I will have to close now darling as I am going to a lecture and I want to get this away tonight so for now darling from your very lonesome husband, all my love,



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