November 16th, 1943

Hello Bill Darling;

Well is it is dear Tuesday evening and I have just finished up my supper and I have come upstairs to get away form all the noise as Mom and Pop have a few of their friends over and you know what it can get like when they get into remembering stories and such. So I thought I would write you a nice long letter seeing as I have lots to tell you.
Bill darling I am sorry that I have not been writing as much as I used to but I am just so darn tired when I get home from work. I have to help get supper ready and make sure Beverley is taken care of as Mom is so tired that she often needs a sleep while I am preparing supper. Then Pop comes in and wants to talk about his day so by the time I am all done I am just about tired out.
I am glad to hear that your folks have been spending some time writing you a few letters. I was over to see them on the weekend and they were saying how much they enjoy getting your letters and then I let them know that you enjoyed getting theirs letters just as much so i guess that they have taken that to heart and wrote a few lines to you.
Saturday night I went over to Doris’ as I have not seen her in such a long time and we had a lovely talk and she gave me a lovely surprise as she had put sewn a lovely outfit for the baby. I was so happy to get it as this was my first gift for the baby.
My next medical appointment dear is on the the 6th of December so I am hoping after that I will make my decision on what I am going to do about work. I have not made the final decision on when I should be stopping work dear but I am thinking sometime before the Christmas rush would be best. Oh by the way I should let you know that I have been taking my measurements and there is a certain part of my body which is now up to 35″ and I will let you guess which part I am talking about dear, and I am sure that you will be excited to see when you come home for your holidays.
I am glad that you enjoyed the pictures that I sent down to you dear and that you have taken such good care of them as you have put them up in your locker. Darling, I think that Nan looks lovely the way she is even if she has filled out in certain areas after being married but everyone is different and we all cannot look like Miss America.
It is so nice to hear that you have been going to church service on Sundays dear and that you are enjoying the sermons as much as you are. I have not been to church in some time as there never seems to be enough hours in the day when I am working full time and going out int he evenings to the show or stopping in to see your folks or looking after Beverley. But all of this I do not mind as it keeps me busy and keep my mind off of thinking of you dear and I do that an awful lot if I am being honest with myself.
Darling, have you told the boys yet about the exciting news that you are going to be a father? Are they excited and do you think that they will do something special for you? I am thinking that your Mom or my Mother will have a baby shower for me but I think hat might happen some time int he new year as I think everyone is busy getting ready for the holidays.
The weather has turned cold here dear and the house is so awfully cold. I am sitting here writing you this letter form under a blanket and darling, I can think of so many ways in which you could keep me warm but I think that I am going to leave that up to your imagination, and I know you have quite the imagination dear.
Ted is certainly lucky indeed that he will be posted so close to home and that he will have a chance to come back down to Toronto when he gets his leave. Some guys as you say have all the luck but darling, I am the lucky one who gets to be married to such a loving and caring husband and dear we are truly lucky to have one another.
So darling, my eyes are beginning to close so I will end this letter with I love you always and form the bottom of my heart come home soon.
With all my love, your loving wife,



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