August 7th, 1943

Hello Darling;

Well dear I received your very nice post card yesterday and I certainly was looking forward to hearing from you. I hope that you received my letter and little present. It wasn’t very much dear but know that all my love went with it.
I’m glad that you arrived up there alright and that you are having a good time. I certainly do remember the time that I was up there dear, and you had that little blue playsuit on boy, that was the first time that I really did want you and there certainly have been a lot of times since, in fact I would like to say “right now”.
Well dear I wrote my Mother and Aunt last week and I owe my Mother another letter now as she answered it right away. I have not been doing very much down here. I’ve been going tot he station show every night and playing the odd game of bowling and billiards. I was high man in the bowling last week but I did not get the cash because it was just transient personnel that was eligible for it, however I will be out gunning next week for the cash.
I was working in the projection room on Wednesday night and had rather an interesting evening. The show was “Green Hill”, do you remember seeing that dear one night at the Granada a long time ago?
Well I guess that Marg is up in Newfoundland by now, boy I guess that they will be having a lot of fun, oh well dear we had the most perfect 6 months together that any couple could ask for and you know how awfully sorry I was to have to let you go. How about sending me some pictures of you in that cute bathing suit dear?
I certainly miss you an awful lot dear and I just hope that I can hold out until you can either get down here to I can get up there. One of the fellows that sleeps under me got a posting to Manning Depot in Toronto, boy he was lucky but his father is dying and they thought that it might help him a lot if he was closer to home.
I did not see Hal Macintyre dear, even though they had a free show for the servicemen I didn’t really care if I saw him or not. I don’t seem to get any particular kick out of anything since you are not here with me.
By the way dear, did you get you cheque for the last month yet? You didn’t mention it in your letter so I was just wondering.
I hope that the folks got an opportunity to visit you during the week. So Beverley likes the water, well thats fine. I guess that she looks pretty cute. I just wish that we had one like her dear, want do you say? I certainly hope so anyway and it won’t be too soon as far as I am concerned.
Well dear I guess that is about all the news for now dear, so looking forward to hearing from you and loving you with all my heart darling, I remain,

Your very loving husband,



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