August 4th, 1943

Hi Darling;

Well dear I just received you last letter, the one that you wrote Wednesday and as you see I am answering it right away. So darling you know that I answer your letters as soon as I receive them even though they might be a little late getting to you.
Well dear nothing very exciting has happened since I last wrote you. I’m very glad to hear that you are having such a nice time and make the best of it because it will soon be over. Darling I hope that you wont think that I’m too fussy about what I would like you to do dear, but take it easy when you dance and swim because I don’t know what I would do if anything happened to you and I was not there to help you, so dear please be careful with yourself and get all the rest and good food that you can and as soon as you are sure I wish you would go to that doctor that took care of your Mother and another thing I don’t think that you should start working, but that is something that I will leave up to you and your Mother.
Well dear, I have not done very much at all since I last wrote you in fact, I haven’t been off the station since last Sunday. I worked until 2:30 the other morning but I got the next morning off and I painted our lounge all day Thursday and got a fair tan. The boys are all taking turns doing the work around here and as I was not particularly busy I put in a day and I really enjoyed it.
I went to the station show on Wednesday night and last night I played tennis and saw a show after it so I didn’t have to bad a night. I met Jim Guthro of the band and he has just got back off leave and he was telling me that he thinks he might be getting married in the fall or winter. Oh yes by the way our drummer is a father now his wife had a 6 lbs. and a few ounces baby girl and they are both doing fine. I just hope that I will be able to be one myself around next April in fact dear, I say a little prayer every night for just that.
Oh, could have the Daily Star sent down for a while dear that would be very nice and then I would be kept posted on all the Toronto news, so thanks in advance. I see that another pal if mine was killed last week from Wolverleigh Blvd., his name was George South I guess you didn’t know him but I used to play baseball with him, and you can tell my Mother that Jack Gibbs will be arriving down here on the 21st so I will be able to show him a few of the sights around town, so you know of any? HA HA.
The Happy Gang was supposed to have been here on the 16th but it has been cancelled and so was Niosi but I can’t seem to get enthusiastic about any dances when you are not here dear. I will give you another week to get you present dear, and if you have not received it by then I will get in touch with them down here and find out what happened. I guess the postman didn’t want to leave it there when nobody was home but since you will be home next week you should receive it then but I sent it a week ago Monday and it should have arrived.
Well dear that is about all for now but I will drop another letter Monday and so for now dear, all my love from a very lonely husband,



P.S. Tell Mom to drop me a line soon, and take care of yourself.

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