August 10th, 1943

Hello Darling;

Well dear I received your particularly welcome letter yesterday and I’m just tickled pink about that you said. You know how much I’ve wanted one dear so take good care of yourself. I don’t agree with you dear about waiting 3 months though. I would like you to go to the doctor as soon as you are firly sure, won’t you do that for me darling because I don’t know what I would do if you have the same thing happen again.
You didn’t mention anything in your letter dear about getting a small something from me. I sent something for you dear and I was just wondering if you received it or not and also let me know if you received your cheque OK dear.
I’m glad Mom and Pop got up to your place for a day. I guess though that there is not very many young folks up there though, but we could certainly have a dandy time anyway couldn’t we? I don’t know whether I told you that I had received you nice post card dear but thanks very much darling.
Well I have not done very much since I last wrote you. I did not go off to the station at all last week except Saturday night when I went to the Forum and honestly dear I just had an awful time. In fact I left about 10:30. I just couldn’t seem to get interested at all.
Sunday afternoon I went to the Capital and saw “Crash Dive” with Tyrone Power and it was certainly a dandy picture dear so don’t miss it. Sunday night they had a show here but it was only fair so that as the weekend shot. Last night they had a George Formby picture on here and I went to it and show a game of billiards later.
I think that I might be going out to Camp Sunshine for a day to three this week so if I miss you for a day with the mail don’t be too hard on me.
I wrote my Aunt on Friday and I wrote my Mom and Pop yesterday so that is off my chest for a couple of days. I guess that you have not heard from Marg yet but I think that she would be having a good time but no better than we had together down here. When I look back on it dear we did have a lot of very delightful times together didn’t we and when I look ahead we are going to have a lot more even though we might not be together and have a place of our own for a while yet, but you can bet that we will as soon as this darn war is over.
I haven’t seen Jack Clark since he came back but I think that it is the same place Roy Simpson is, but he only had 2 days with his wife that is if he got married. I don’t know whether they could have made it out not at any rate they wouldn’t have hardly any time together.
The band just got back form leave last night and so I guess that they will be starting the dances again tonight. The drummer and his wife did not go home because I think that she went tot he hospital over the weekend but as yet there isn’t any more news.
I don’t know if I mentioned that they’re opened a snack bar down here and it really is dandy they sell sodas, sundaes and practically anything that you would want it is int he drill hall right beside the bowling alley.
Well dear I guess that is about all for now and so darling take good care of yourself and take it easy and let me know if you don’t receive what I sent you and so from the bottom of my heart dear,
All my love,



P.S – don’t do too much and please drink lots of milk!

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