July 29th, 1943

Hello Darling;

Well dear I received your very welcome letter yesterday and I noticed that it was mailed on Monday so that was real good time.
Well there has not been anything very exciting happening since I last wrote you dear. Monday night Keith Danx and myself went to the Casino and saw Frankenstein, I was a pretty fair pictured and I just had one wish, and that was that you had been with me. Tuesday night there was an inspection done in the barracks so our evening was pretty well taken up cleaning it. However Norm and myself went up for a coke and listened to the radio for the rest of the evening.
Last night, Wednesday, I went up for a couple of games of bowling and believe it or not but I got 267 and I am in line for $5.00 for high single of the week but I am not to confident that somebody won’t beat me. After bowling we went up to the station show for a while and saw Boris Karloff in some sinister picture but it was rather corny. Tonight there is going to be a concert for us so I guess that I will see it.
Hal MacIntyre is coming to the Forum Wednesday, Thursday and Friday so I might see him tomorrow night. Cab Calloway is coming next month so I guess that they plan to have a big band every month or so. Well dear I got down to Eaton’s Tuesday and changed my pen and I really am tickled with my new one and it works just fine. I didn’t have any trouble getting it.
Well it won’t be long for Marg now. She is leaving on Saturday. Well she should have a real nice trip. I wish you were coming down dear because I miss you so much already but I’ll just have to make the best of it. I am sure that Marg has all her stuffed packed and waiting by the door just to get out from under the Simpson’s roof. I can only imagine what they are putting her through until she leaves to go see Ted. I am surprised she has not started walking all the way to Newfoundland.
How is everything this month with you? Do you know anything yet? I guess it is a bit early yet to know but here is hoping and praying that everything works out ok. I am glad to hear that you are getting away dear and I hope that you have a good time but please take care of yourself, and do not get too much sun, and please do not forget to write.
You wrote Mrs. Mullens dear so you should receive your cheque around the first of the month or so and I want you to buy anything you want dear, but you know I always say that to you. I am glad that you went up to our place dear. My Mother and Pop look forward to you up there you know, so any time you get a chance dear I hope that you will try and get up because you know how welcome you are with them.
Well dear I think that just about covers all the news for now but I’ll write you again on Saturday or Sunday so until then dear all my love,

Your loving husband,


XXXXXXXXXXXXXX – remember to give one of those to little Beverley

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