August 2nd, 1943

Hello Darling;

Well dear I received your very wee letter yesterday but was rather disappointed to hear that you had not received my letters yet. I mailed one on Wednesday I think and one on Friday and that was on top of the other one that I mailed last Monday. I think that the mail might have been held up though dear so I hope that by the time that this is received you will have gotten the other ones too.
Well dear I guess that you are up at the beach by now and do I ever wish that I was with you. I certainly do oh well, and by the way dear do you remember a year ago Wednesday, boy the time has certainly gone by fast but I’ll tell you darling that it was the loneliest year that I’ve ever had and particularly the last eight months and dear we are going to have many, many more just as beautiful and here’s hoping that there are three of us this time next year, do you understand what I mean dear?
Oh yes I saw Jack Clark Saturday night dear and he was leaving for Toronto Sunday morning to get married. They told him on Saturday that he was on draft for overseas and as it was too late then to leave for Toronto he was going to get away Sunday. He phoned up Lois and told her that he would be home Monday night and that they would be married on Tuesday so she is certainly going to have her hands full to get everything arranged in time and than they would only have 3 days together as he had to be back by Saturday morning.
Now take good care of yourself dear because if anything happened to you I would be in one terrible mess down here.
So if you can get some film for the camera and take some picture of you dear as I would like to see you at the beach with the family and little Beverley, especially you in a bathing suit that certainly would be swell. I will try and get some film down here and send it up to you if that would be OK with you dear.
I like it down here but it isn’t really as nice as when you were down and you know why. I had an opportunity of a place in a couple of months so if you think you would maybe like to come down again let me know dear, but we will see when the time comes around.
All the boys ask for you dear so you can see that you are a popular young lady and a very, very nice one too and that dear is from the bottom of my heart, and if they say absence makes the heart grow fonder, than my heart is as big as the moon.
I’m glad to hear that my Pop is doing fine and that he is taking some time to tend to the backyard. I hope that I will be getting a letter form him soon, maybe in a day or two.
Well dear I guess that is about all the news for now but I just want to add that I love you with all my heart dear and I just wish that I was home to prove it dear particularly on our Anniversary but I’ll just have to put it in writing, so have a real good time dear up north,
Your loving husband,



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