July 26th, 1943

Hello Dearest;

Well you certainly wrote back to me in short time didn’t you dear? I am afraid that this will be a short letter as I am running out of paper, and seeing as I was away for 6 whole months I am assuming that the pad was used for other letters.
We are getting ourselves ready to go away up north andI think that we have decided on Frankland Beach Jackson’s Point as it is not too far away and the cost to camp there is not that expensive for the entire family to camp there. This will be the first time for Beverly, and seeing as it is so hot I can only imagine how she will be beside herself in the heat. But I hope that she likes the lake and that she likes the water.
I finally had a chance to see Marg and have a talk with her outside the house and Bill, I have never seen anyone so happy to be going away as I did with her. She is so excited to go down and see Ted that she is almost walking on air. She did tell me that the last 6 months living with the Simpson family has been absolute torture for her and that she has been working late and going to the show and out for dinner with almost anyone just to make sure she is not in that house for one minute more than she has to. When she is there they make her do all the cooking, clean the entire house and do the washing for everyone, it is almost like she has become like her mother and is now their live in maid. Marg is such a good soul and I feel so badly for what she must have gone through while I was away, but I can’t think about that as I had to do what was best for you and me.
I think I will go to the show tonight and see if Irene and Jessie would like to come and go see that picture you told me about, Frankenstein but I am not sure where it is playing. After I would like to go to get ice cream as again it has been so hot that anything that I can get my hands on that will cool me down would be a good thing.
I went over to see you Mother and Pop last night and we had a grand chat, and we talked for for a very long time. I think your Mom is finally getting over Aunt Mattie’s death even though it has been 6 months I think she still thinks about her often. Your Pop was out in the yard watering the blueberry bushes as I think that they are going to have a great crop this year which means lots of jams and jellies.
So darling there is really not much to tell outside that I miss you terribly and that I am going mad here thinking about all the fun we had when I was down there. Long walks, dinners, dances, the shows and most importantly just being alone with you.
I am not sure yet about anything, but as soon as I think I have news on that front I will let you know as it is quite early and I am not sure if I want to say anything to anyone except you my dear.
So loving you more and more each day and wishing you will come home sooner than 5 months.
Love from you wife,



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