December 9th, 1942

Hello Darling:

Well here it is 9:30 Wednesday night and I have just had a shower and I’m all really to settle down and write a real long letter. I was down at the station tonight and you should have your ticket tomorrow morning.
Now dear, I’ll try and explain what you are to do. First reserve a berth for yourself it will cost you about $3.50 or so, but you can arrange that at the station, but don’t forget to reserve it quite a few days ahead because there is likely to be a big crowd on that train.
Now the train leaves Toronto at 9:15 in the morning and you get into Montreal at about 5:15 or 5:30 in the afternoon. You will have about 2 hours to spare but don’t wander around to much dear to you’ll be picked up. Well anyway you get the “Ocean” limited at 7 o’clock and you will have your berth already for you dear and you should get in here the following night about 9:40 or so but I imagine that it will be late but you can bet darling that your husband will be there waiting for you, all smiles.
That will give you a rough idea of what you are to do dear but you had better just check up on that. Oh yes and one thing more I want you to have real good meals on the train dear because I want this to be a real swell vacation for you and you can bet dear that I will certainly try my darnedest to make it so.
Do you realize dear that in less than 3 week we will be together again and will we ever make up for lost time. Have you got a trunk yet dear, there is really nothing much that you will need to send down. The married fellow I work with said that he and his wife brought all their bedding and other stuff down here but he did say that she also wrote home for some of her things however dear, as I told you in my last letter you can send some sheets and pillow cases and maybe a blanket or two down.
Well my old eyes are just about to close dear. I wrote my mother today and tried to cheer her up a bit. All the boys have gone bowling tonight and so I am alone again. By the way dear the orchestra on the radio is playing “The very thought of you” and boy is it ever sweet and darling when I do think, which is practically all the time, I feel pretty good. So I don’t know how I’m going to behave when I see you dear. So you better be ready for the worst but in the meantime get all that rest you have been telling me about because I’m ready for anything and everything by the way you had better be too.
We’ll be having our second honeymoon when Marg and Ted are having their first and I bet we will be having a lot more fun than they do, boy am I ever getting impatient.
I had to laugh yesterday, a fellow came up to me and said did I think that he would be around here long enough just to have a few more nights with his wife because she came all the way down from Toronto to be with him. He certainly looked like he had been put through the ringer, and when I say ringer I mean long, long nights. But he said he was having fun.
Well darling I’m afraid that I will have to close now but I just want to say dear that I think I’m the luckiest guy in the world to have such a sweet loveable wife as you and I love you so very, very much but actions speak louder than words and I have a lot of actions to show you.
All the love from the bottom of my heart,



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