December 13th, 1942

Hi Darling;

Well darling here I am again that awful wife of yours who hasn’t written you since last Tuesday, but then I am not the only now who is bad, as I only had one letter from you last week which was on Tuesday. I thought I would have had one yesterday but no luck, but I hope I have one tomorrow.
Well dear it is now Sunday night about 9PM and I have just come back from the Danforth as I had to go down and get a writing pad and stamps as Marg used everything up writing Ted, again! Boy was it sure cold out. I ran all the way home, gosh darling I sure wish you were here to keep me warm but just think darling 2 weeks time and I will be with you and oh boy, what a time we will have.
I have been real busy at this house this last week and between the excitement of the coming down to you and working nights I am almost a wreck (Oh yeah!) I feel as fresh as a daisy and ready to go if you know what I mean.
I think it was last Wednesday night about 4:30PM and phone call are in for me and it was the telegraph office. Well dear my heart almost sank down to my shoes, I thought something had happened to you but I sighed a sigh of relief when he said my ticket had been wired from Halifax and it was waiting for me at the Union Station whenever I wished to pick it up, so you can bet your boots I went down the next day. I went down on my lunch hour and got it, and had no trouble at all. So I have it put away in my cedar chest and I have made my reservation.
I leave here Monday morning at 9:15 and arrive in Halifax at 9:45PM Tuesday evening. So dearest you can bet your life I won’t be sleeping that night (and I hope not to sleep on the first night I am with you) how about you? So dear everything is set all I have to do is wait for Monday morning of the 28th if I can control myself until then. I am getting cabin trunk from Auntie Bessie and I will pack all my thing in there and have it out in the baggage car and I won’t have the worry of carrying a lot of cases, all I will carry is the small blue suitcase you sent me for my birthday.
I was going over to see your Mom and Pop tonight but your Mother phoned me and asked if I wouldn’t mind not coming over as Aunt Mattie wanted to see her as she is pretty bad today. So I said of course not, but your Dad came over to see me for a little while and gosh he sure is tickled with Beverley and he was holding her and she was pulling on his nose and that sure tickled him He said he wish she was his but Mom said maybe he would have a grandchild soon, so who knows eh? He was going home to paint the ricking horse you used ot have a baby and they are giving it to Beverley which I think is very nice of them. He was also going to talk something over with your about coming home in case anything happened to Aunt Mattie because they don’t seem to think that she will be here at Christmas, and I know darling this seems a terrible thing to say but rather than have her suffer all the time maybe it would be better if she just slept away because I really think she is suffering something awful. But you know your Aunt Mattie she never complains. I guess I will never understand why the best people always have to suffer.
Mother and I sent her up as dozen bottles of Canada Dry because she is able to drink that OK but she is not able to eat very much as she brings everything up. I tried to get her this special kind of jelly that is very nursing but OI wouldn’t get any as it comes from England.
Mother, Aunt Jessie and Dad went up last week to see her for just a few minutes. Mom was all set to buy Aunt Agnes’ house and was all set to go and see Aunt Agnes’ lawyer but I guess you saw the headlines, that a new law has come out that no more houses to be sold for a year to the duration, but Mom wrote Ottawa and explained her position, so we will just have to wait until we have an answer.
We had more excitement around here last Thursday night. Auntie Bessie had a telegram from Uncle Stan saying that he would arrive in Toronto at 5:30 on Friday night, so you can bet that she was all thrilled also Irene and Jessie. Mom and Dad also went down to meet him, he came in at the Exhibition. I had to work that night but I called in past form work to see him. Just think it has been 3 years since we said goodbye to him. He has not changed much except he seems awful hard but I guess it was the hard like he had over there. He said I had not changed any and I hadn’t grown any and she said “and you went and got married, why I uses to remember bouncing you on my knee”. He was asking for you and boy the experiences he was talking is it just made me shudder and guess no wonder it has made him so hard.
Last night I went to the show with Jessie as Marg went to bed because she was so tired and Irene didn’t want to go. We saw “Take a little Darling” and it was very good. We worked yesterday afternoon and I have to work Monday, Wednesday and Friday plus Saturday afternoon. Boy the tales I have been hearing about Halifax darling, oh boy, especially about the sailors, so darling just hold tight to me when I get down there or I might run off with a sailor!
We had company for supper tonight we have, Aunt Jessie friend and they are all discussing Marg’s wedding and what a fuss they are having. It seems that the Simpson clan are up to no good again. They are having some very specific demands about the wedding, one would think that they are getting married and not Marg. They are concerned about the number of people Marg and Ted are inviting. It is not like they are paying for the wedding so I not sure what all the fuss is about. All I know is that Aunt Jessie is having none of it and I certainly hope there is not another blow up again for Marg’s sake. We have to go down and get our dresses tomorrow and hey are all finishes and waiting for us. We were supposed to go today but Bob came int his weekend and they were stepping out.
Well my dearest I will close now but I promise I will write you on Tuesday. So my darling love from your wee wife who love you more than anything else in the world.



2 thoughts on “December 13th, 1942

  1. Good Sunday morning I love reading your grandparents love letters.I think of two people on stage reading the letters out loud to the audience His voice then hers .Yet they don’t even see the audience.It’s breathtaking to read.The last letter with Doreen taking the little blue suitcase on the train I assume that’s the suitcase you found the letters in.By sharing these letters your family has opened up such personal words between to special people in your family .Ty again I look forward to reading the letters each week.Kathy Jeffrey Sent from Rogers Yahoo Mail on Android


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