December 8th, 1942

Hello Darling:

I have just finished reading your nice letter over for the third time, but I always read your letters about 2 or 3 times.
Well dear everything here is just about the same, except that I am missing you more and more everyday and can hardly wait for the 28th to come.
As soon as I finish your letter I am going to bed as I sort of feel a cold coming on, so I went up to the nurse and she gave me some cold capsules to take but darling don’t worry I have not got the cold yet and I don’t intend to get it so that is why I am going to bed. I can’t take any chances of getting a cold before I come down. There is an awful lot of the flu going around. Jessie had it over the weekend and was off work yesterday and Raymond had a temperature of 103 but I don’t think that is very serious at least we hope it isn’t.
We worked until 8:30PM last night but gee the time sure went fast. I was talking to some of the fellows I used to work in the General Office at Eaton’s and they were kidding me about married life, but they said I looked as if I was enjoying it and Oh darling if they only knew just how much I love being married to you.
Mom and Dad have gone out to buy Beverley a new bed as she is getting too big for the one she has now, so I washed her and put her to bed to let them have the night out, gee won’t I be a big help when I grow up! I was talking to your Mom tonight and she is fine dear except that she has not got used to her new teeth yet, but it will just take time, but they look very nice. She was up at Aunt Mattie’s all day today and is going back up again tonight as Aunt Mattie is very low. I hate to tell you all the time how sick she is Bill, but I want you to be pressured in case anything happens.
I was going to go up and see her but she is not able to speak to anybody and I don’t think she can be bothered with anybody other than your Mother, so dear if you get a chance please try to drop her a few lines. Oh another thing O’l dear I phoned Mrs. McCombie and told her you had received your parcel OK and thanked her as I heard she was asking if you had got it OK. So when you get this letter you just sit right down and write her a wee note thanking her because I am getting into trouble from your Mother and also from my Mother for you not writing, and so you are going to be keeping busy O’l thing writing letters so you had better tell the boys you are too busy for fooling around.
Darling that room you were telling me about in your letter sounds like heaven, and that is just what it will be as long as I am with you, so don’t worry about me liking it. Yes I think it would be nice to bring some of our own sheets and pillow cases down with me but, I won’t bring much as I won’t have much room to carry them in. Gosh I am getting all goose pimples just thinking about it. I guess you will be getting good at the sewing angle. I guess I won’t have to do any when I come down eh? I will let you do it all.
Marg is sitting here writing Ted and she told me to tell you that she wouldn’t forget to send down to you a piece of cake. She had a letter form Ted yesterday and today and feels much better now because she know for sure that he is OK after his accident on the truck.
You know darling, the funniest thing it that I am not the least bit excited for Christmas or Marg’s wedding, the only thing I can think of is how soon will it be before the 28th gets here. I think all my Aunts and cousins are coming down tot he station to see me off.
We had a letter form Ian on Saturday so I guess he did not get a chance to come and see you because he said but he time we got the letter he would probably be on his way overseas. Did I tell you that the English fellow tat was here with him got his commission? I was talking to Pete Halliday while I was coming home from work on the streetcar last night and she was asking for you. He was telling me his brother is still stationed in Ottawa but he thinks he is going to be posted to Halifax. Pete was saying that he thinks he will be getting married next year.
Well dear I guess I will close now as I have not any more paper to write on but I will write you a wee bit longer letter on Thursday.
So darling loving you and hoping to see you very, very soon.
Love from the very bottom of my heart,



2 thoughts on “December 8th, 1942

  1. Hi, I just started to read the letters it was joy to read . People knew how to write letters back then , I find that when one writes letters on a regular basis it is like talking to that person as if you are in the room with them.


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