December 6th, 1942

Hello Dearest;

Well dear I’m sorry I didn’t write sooner but I wanted to wait until I got something definite to tell you about getting a place down here and have I ever been lucky but I’ll tell you from the start.
Well I’ve got three places for you to choose from but there is one in particular that you would like dear. It is just one room but it is very nice and clean and has brand new furniture in it and there is only a lady and her daughter living there. Her son was killed in the Air Force about 3 months ago and because of that she is very partial to Air Force fellows and she made it quite clear to me that she was doing it for that reason only and not as a money making proposition.
So I really think that is the best bit and she is holding it for us until you come down dear as I’ve told you before dear if it had been normal times I would have had a nice home for you dear but as long as we are together that is the main thing as far as I am concerned. Oh yes I forgot to tell you it is only 5 minutes from the depot and only about 5 minutes from the street car so all in all I think I’ve been very lucky because I know lots of fellows who have been down here for months and have not got a place nearly as nice as this. But I’ll just wait until you get down and see what you think of it, but it is a big worry on my mind anyways.
Now the next thing, your railway ticket. I’m going to pick up your Transportation Warrant and I think that I’m supposed to take it down to the station here and they’ll wire Toronto and delivery your ticket to you and dear as soon as you get it don’t forget to make you reservations for the morning of the 28th.
I really don’t know everything that you should bring down darling, but if you can get a trunk, bring a couple of pairs of pillow slips and a couple of pair of sheets and anything you really think we need but the room has really everything that we need even sheets, blankets and pillow slips. But I still think it would be nicer if we used our won and as for meals we will decide that when you come down as we will have 5 fine days all by ourselves and will we ever have a fun time. I’m just praying that you will like it darling because I would not want you to feel homesick or lonely but I’ll try my best to make you happy because you know dear that is going to be the main ambition for the rest of my life.
Well let me see now whats new, oh yes they had a swell wrestling and boxing show here on Thursday night and everybody had a swell time. The last bout was a professional wrestling boat, one navy fellow and one army fellow and boy did they ever get wild. They kept throwing each other out of the ring all night but of course the army fellow won, but it was a great show anyways.
Friday night I tried to do a little sewing and generally spent a quite evening at home listening to the radio. Last night I went to the show and saw “Wake Island” it was a grand picture, maybe because there was no woman in it (HA HA) but you know we cannot do without you little darling.
Tonight as usual we are having a show and so that is that I’ll be doing tonight for entertainment but I guess we will listen to the “Inner Sanctum” too. I received a very nice letter from my Pop and I am going to answer him tomorrow. I’m awful sorry that my aunt is no better and I hope that I get a chance to write her tomorrow as well. So you ran into Dot the other day eh? So I am glad that you and her had a chance to talk and I certainly can see where she would fit in working for the department manager, using her ways to get ahead. I think the Toronto gals are smarter on that front than the wild woman of Halifax.
Well Marg’s special date is getting closer, tell her not to forget to send a nice big hunk of cake down here and I certainly hope that she will be happy, even half as happy as we are dear even though we have been separated, but I am glad that we have been apart darling because it has made me realize just how much I love you and how much I need you but I’ve said this all before.
Oh yes before I close I just want to remind you to bring down some extra money and also our pass book because we don’t want to run short of money but I don’t think we will.
Well dearest I really must finish now as I have to do a little work this afternoon and I want this letter to get away before the mail closes.
So you are going to give me a lot when you come down OK? I’ll remind you of that dear because I’ve certainly got an awful lot for you too darling and just think only 3 weeks tomorrow you will be leaving.
Loving you with all my heart, your very loving husband,



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