November 24, 1942

Hello Darling;

I’ve just finished reading your little letter and it was certainly swell and 10 pages too! I’ll be lucky if can whip up 5 pages for you my dear.
The weather down here has turned a little colder but it is great for sleeping at nights. I know that when you come down I will have someone to keep me warm in bed, and I hope you feel the same way too.
I guess I didn’t make it too clear about my leave dear, we are supposed to be getting 5 days either at New Years or Christmas but I thought it would be such a long and expensive trip to go down there to Toronto that it would not be worth it for 2 days, but I am waiting to hear what you think is best before I decide finally. However dear I mentioned in my last letter what I thought would be a grand idea for New Years. My leave starts on the 29th so if you could leave Toronto on the morning of the 28th you would arrive here on the night of the 29th and we could spend the 5 days leave at some hotel here. I think that would be really swell dear. Even though I certainly wish I would get home so let me know what you really think is the best idea.
You asked me why I did not go to the dances, well I will tell you. I went to a couple of them as I told you and believe it or not I don’t think I ever spent a more dismal or miserable evening in my life. It wasn’t the music or the floor or anything but just the fact they remind me of those swell times we used to have together. So darling, hurry down here and cheer me up a bit. I guess the while trouble is that I really love you so much. Also, it is just a reason for the boys to find some “loose” gals to meet up with, and darling, that is something I have no interest in.
Last night I went to the show as usual. It was Abbott and Costello in “Hold that Ghost”. I think I saw it before with you dear. Well anyway it wasn’t bad. Tonight there is a dance so I don’t know what to do. They have 2 dances a week here darling. Tuesday and Saturdays so keep those dates open for your husband when you come down. Now don’t forget that darling.
A couple more of the Toronto boys got married on their leave and one of them got a place after he had brought his wife down. He was certainly taking a chance but everything turned ok for him.
I’m sorry that I forgot to enclose the bill for the radio in my last letter but I’ll put it in this one dear and I sure can get the Hit Parade. I can get practically every station in eastern U.S and Canada. I am sorry I forgot to put a lot of kisses in your letter dear and I will put some extra in this letter for you.
You won’t need to worry about any blackouts here dear, because when we have them when you are down here we will turn off the lights and then……..and then since you are so worried about the dark, I will make sure that I am right by your side.
You also said that you could dance circles around me (oh yeah) well they dance just he same as they do back home.
Now darling if you have to come down by yourself I don’t want you to worry about anything. You are going to come down first class and you will spend one night on the train, so let me know what berth you would like, upper or lower and upper is better darling and it would be safer but there won’t be any soldiers on the train, but you will have to make your reservation early, but hold everything until the first of the month. I think it is going to cost around $45 for your meals and everything. So that is not too bad at all, in fact darling I’d spend 10 times that to bring you down here.
Bob is working all night this week so I don’t see much of him, but he had been taking things easy lately. I think he is afraid of those Halifax women. I don’t blame him either, after what happened to him.
Pardon me for a moment dear, one of the boys just came in with a pair of skates to raffle off at 10 cents a draw. They have skating here by the way dear at the Forum. I haven’t been there yet, and they say it is not too bad. Well I’ve drawn #25 so heres hoping it is lucky.
Well dear I’ve got to be closing now, I’m on duty watch this week so I got to get up to the Fire Hall for the role call. So I’ll just close by saying that I love you more than anything darling and I can’t wait until I see you in only 4 week.
Until then I remain your ever loving husband,



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