November 22, 1942

Hello Darling:

I received you very nice letter on Friday and I am sorry dear I did not get a chance to answer it sooner. It is now Sunday afternoon and I have just finished listening to the 8 hit tunes of the week. Can you get that program on your radio?
As usual dear nothing exciting has happened here since I last wrote you. Last night, being Saturday I went to the good O’l show with Irene. We went to the Lamew on Pape as we had seen all the other shows around here. The 2 pictures we saw were not bad. After the show we went up to Auntie Bessie;s where the whole family was. Please excuse this wee pad of paper O’l dear but as I have finished all my paper in my pad I have to use Marg’s and she always buys these little wee ones, but beggars can’t be choosers.
Bill darling, I don’t understand what you mean when you say you are taking New Years off instead of Christmas, does that mean you are coming home for New Years and then I will go back down with you? Or that you are not coming home at all but will take New Years off when I come down there? Please be sure to explain what you mean in your next letter.
Your Mother is going to be disappointed that you are not coming home for Christmas and so will your Aunt Mattie. Of course I will miss you too dear, but then I am going down to see you. Gosh darling the time is sure going slow but it will not be long now.
By the way since when have the censor department told you to cut out all the kisses at the bottom of your letters? Gee Bill they may be unimportant to you but they certainly mean a lot to me. I guess you gave giving out too many kisses down there and cannot remember to put them in my letters, just wait until I get a hold of you.
I was talking to your Mother today and she has not yet heard any word form you, she has been looking for a letter for some time now. I told her you were going to write her and your Aunts so do not make a liar out of me. They are all so tickled when they get a letter form you. I wonder darling if you really know how much they all do really love you. They were all hoping that you would get home for Christmas. Your Mom and Dad are going to your Aunts for supper as Aunt Mattie has not bene out for some time now, and she is not able to go out really.
I will try and go up and see her this week but gosh I have been so busy with showers for Marg. Last Friday night I was up at Auntie Bessie’s and Irene, Jessie and I were all working on Marg’s brides book as we have to finish it by Friday night as that us the night of Aunt Lizzie’s shower for her and there is one next Wednesday over at Mrs. Collards. We had a blackout here last Wednesday. It was supposed to be a surprise blackout but I was over at Mrs Simpson’s getting some pictures and she told me it was that night as Mr Simpson had to be on Fire Duty. I was the lucky one to go over and get some pictures from the Simpson house and let me tell you that I walked in, hardly said a word and picked up those pictures and walked right back out. After what they did to poor Marg I have nothing to say to them, and I think they got the picture.
Bill dear do they blackouts in Halifax every night? Oh the redhead that worked in the office with me was put out of the office last week. My boss gave her a transfer to some other department. He said she was keeping the other girls form their work by gossiping and talking all the time. I felt sorry for her because a lot of the kids just used to talk to her because she would tell them all the gossip from the office, among some other things! It was not entirely her fault and she told the boss that but he did not listen to her. I wonder if I will ever see her again?
Bill dear you were saying that Tuesday night was dance night but you just stayed in and listened to the radio. Bill you should go with them because darling I am out of practice and will have to learn all over again and I was hoping that you have learned some new steps to teach me. I guess I will manage as I used to dance circles around you (HA HA).
You were saying that you had an offer to sell the radio and am I glad you didn’t see it because as I told you the man that sold me the radio said that is another months time we would not be able to get a small radio.
We have Ian home this weekend, he just received his wings last Friday afternoon and he got leave until Tuesday morning then he has to report to Moncton, New Brunswick on the 25th and he hopes to be there for just a few days. Oh Bill do not forget to send the bill for the radio, because I might need it.
Everybody in the house is sleeping so after I finish your letter I think I will have a wee nap. Boy what a life. It is a lovely day here, I am just debating if I should put my spring coat on when I go out. I only hope it keep up like this.
Well dearest I guess I will finish now as I am getting a wee bit short of news, but I will write you again on Tuesday. So darling loving you very, very much.
Love from your wee wife who is missing you an awful lot,


XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX – extra kisses for you

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