November 25th, 1942

Hello Darling;

Well dear here it is Wednesday night, I know I should have written you last night but I honestly did not het the chance.
Now lets see what I have done since I last wrote you. Sunday night as I think I told you I was at Auntie Bessie’s and as usual there was a crowd there. Monday night I stayed home as that was Ian’s last night here so we all stayed in. He left Tuesday morning on the 9:15 train so I guess he is well on his way. I didn’t go down to the station with him but Marg did. Mr Simpson drove them down. Marg was feeling pretty bad about him leaving and between you and me I think she liked him an awful lot and I think he liked her as well. I gave him your number just in case he got the chance to come and see you.
I was talking to your Mom last night and she wasn’t feeling so good but I phoned her tonight and she is feeling a lot better. I think she is worrying a lot about Aunt Mattie. Mother was talking to Aunt Agnes tonight and Aunt Mattie is just about the same. She called in her own doctor, I think his name is Dr. Cormack, and he gave her some medicine to take and he is going to come back tomorrow to see her.
You were telling your Mother darling that you had 2 surprises for me, are they nice ones, now you have me all curious but I haven’t much longer to wait before I will be down there to find out for myself. I hope you haven’t become a Father while you have been down there!
Darling you were asking my opinion if you should come home or not, well I was telling you Mother and she agreed with me that it is too much money for such a short time so dear, I guess you had better not come home because if you are lucky you should be getting a leave in February or March.
I think that would be a grand idea having 5 days together and staying at a hotel, it will just be like our first night darling and that was one swell night that I will keep in my heart forever. I will try and get the first train on the 27th, but won’t it take me longer than 2 days to reach Halifax? So darling as soon as you send me my Transportation Warrant I will go down right away and get my ticket.
Bill dear don’t forget to let me know what to bring down because I will probably need a large suitcase and I could send that down ahead of me. But I will guess you have lots of time before you get a room yet but gosh the time will soon be here.
I am going to get your Mother’s anniversary gift tomorrow and take it over tomorrow night as I won’t be able to give it to her on Friday as that is the night of the shower over at Auntie Lizzie’s for Marg. Both your Mother and Aunt Agnes are going. I don’t know what I am going to get you Mom and Dad but I guess I will see something tomorrow.
Oh Bill I forgot to get the address for your friends in Philadelphia but I will get it from your Mother tomorrow night and when I write you either Friday or Sunday I will send it down to you.
There is some excitement around here tonight, they had a shower for Marg over at Mrs. Collards and Marg, Mother and Aunt Jessie have just came in, and I had to have a look at everything, she got some lovely things. I didn’t got to the shower because I was down at Irene’s finishing Marg’s Bride book, gosh it sure takes a long time to make one. There was Irene, Jessie and Auntie Bessie and myself all working on it but we finally got it finished so it is all ready for Friday night.
I was talking to Helen Allen today and she was saying she hasn’t heard from Jack for 2 weeks so she thinks he is on his way overseas as she was just waiting to go over. So I guess he didn’t get the chance to see you. I was also talking to Hazel Coswell last night and she was telling me that Rex is training to be an instructor overseas and she says there might be a chance for him to get home in March but he told her not to build her hope up in case he doesn’t so she is all thrilled about it.
You were saying Bill dear to let you know if I wanted the lower or top berth, well I don’t know seeing as how I have never travelled on a train by myself but I think the lower would be better because I might fall out and if I had the lower it won’t be so far to fall but I don’t care what I have in fact I would be just as tickled to sit up all night because I won’t sleep anyways because I will be too excited.
Bill darling will you be able to get off and come and meet me at the station in Halifax because I think I would die if you were not there. But then again you can send along one of those handsome boys that was int he picture you sent me, (I am only kidding, honest I am).
Well dear I will close now as it is way past my bedtime and I must be sure to get lots of rest so I will be all set to……… know what for.
So darling write soon and as always loving you very much,



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