November 8th, 1942

Hello Darling:

I received your very nice letter yesterday dear and it really was a lovely surprise as I wasn’t looking for one until Monday. Well dear nothing exciting has happened since I last wrote you.
At the present moment we are all listening to Jack Benny then after that I am going to listen o the Band Wagon, I don’t know who is on yet. Do you get the Band Wagon down in Halifax? Friday night Mother and Dad and I all went over to see your Mom and Dad and they are both fine. I think your Mother was going to write you today so I guess you will get her letter the same time as you get mine. Your Mother will be telling you that Mom and Dad might be buying Aunt Jessie’s house on Glebholme thats why Dad went over to see your Dad so they could figure it all out, but I do not know if they have decided anything or not, but I think they should because I think it is a very good buy, but I don’t know very much about it though. Aunt Agnes was over the other afternoon talking to Mom and she was all tickled with Beverley.
Last night I went to the show with Ian and Marg. Ian came in Friday night for a 48 hour leave. He has passed his wwings test and expects to get them in 2 weeks, so he was all thrilled. We saw “Tarzan and Joe Smith” and they were very good pictures. After the show we went over to Aunt Bessie’s and as usual she had a going on and I think there was about 15 people there. Irene and Jessie were out with 2 Englishmen in the Air Force. The Band Wagon has just come one and it is George Olsen’s Band. Do you know him?
Ian met Marg and I from work yesterday and while we were waiting for Ian I ran into Ruth Duff. She was waiting for her girlfriend. She was saying that she thinks Lloyd is overseas now because a large number of soldiers had just arrived so I guess they will be getting a telegram for him anyway.
Marg is writing Ted, but she is just waiting for his answer because she told him that she is definitely not over there to live with the Simpson’s, so she is worried in case Ted calls the whole thing off. As I said to you before, I cannot understand why Ted would want to live with his parents when he is just married. Personally I think he is being selfish. Bill darling they are just playing Serenade in Blue and darling I can just imagine us dancing to it at the Palais Royale, which I hope will be very soon. I can hardly wait until I come down to you.
Darling do I really have to bring all those things down with me, I thought you would be getting a furnished room. I can take sheets and pillowcases and towels but I don’t think I could take lamps and everything but you go ahead and see that kind of room you can get and let me know exactly what you want me to bring down.
My Mother and your Mother are a lot suspisious of me in case I stay longer that a month but darling if I do I can always send for things if we need them, and darling believe it or not I baked a lemon pie all by myself today and if I do say so myself it was very good. I phoned your Mom for the recipe today because I liked hers so very much. So you see dear, I really am serious about learning how to cook before I come down to you. So my dearest I only hope nothing happens to stop me coming down to you but darling I certainly am praying awful hard.
I have 2 surprises for you when I come down to see you. I am not going to tell you because that will spoil everything, maybe you won’t be surprised but I think you will be. You were saying dear that you would gladly give $50 to take me to the Palais Royale, and darling I certainly wish you could do that, and darling we will be together for always and just think of the fun we can have dear. Darling that was a lovely thing to say about us having so much trust and faith in each other and you know Bill dear I love you so much that I couldn’t do anything else but trust you. I always have and always will, you have never given me any reason to distrust you and as you say I don’t think those other fellows wives could possibly love them if they run around with other men because I can’t be bothered looking at other fellows, they have not interested me for over 6 years.
Oh I forgot to mention Bill but Ian thinks he will be going home again in about 3 weeks time so he is going to look you up when he is arriving in Halifax and she said to keep an eye on you but I told him that it would be the other way around, you keeping an eye on him!
Tomorrow night I think I will go and get my hair done as I will need it done for Marg’s shower next Friday night, that is if they are still engaged. Well dear I will have to make this short because we have just had this friend of Auntie Jessie come in and we haven’t seen her for years and they are yelling at me to hurry up. So dearest, I will close now but I will write you on Tuesday.
So loving you very much and just 6 weeks before I will be able to prove it to you.



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