November 5th, 1942

Hello Darling:

Well here I am again dear, but without very much news. I’m afraid I’m writing this letter on a copy of the “Toronto Star” and it certainly makes me feel pretty lonely and homesick but it won’t be very long before you’ll be down here.
I received you letter yesterday dear and I was very glad to receive it. I really didn’t expect one until today. I expect one from my Mother soon so if he hasn’t written yet give her a little prod.
Well let me see now, the weather has taken a turn to the colder side, but I imagine that Toronto is still colder. I went to the station show last night and saw a real old picture “I Cover the Waterfront” it was a little bit smutty in spots. One of the scenes was some guy asleep and his buddy comes in and tries to wake him up and he says, “Not tonight Josephine” Well anyway it struck me being kind of funny.
We are expecting a band down here today and I was thinking perhaps it will be one of the famous one, but we do not know yet. By the way our house band is really doing ok. The fellow that I sort of chum around with plays in it. His name is Jim Guthro and he used to play for Morgan Thomas, and he comes from Hamilton. He gets the latest “downbeat” every 2 weeks and I get the latest dope on all the bands. Boy, I’m really “hip” now so watch out dear.
Yes I really think you should get all the rest you can over the next 6 weeks dear. You will certainly be the smartest looking dame in this town darling and I’m not kidding. I can hardly wait until we start stepping out again and even though it will not be like Toronto the main thing is that I’ll be with you and that is the best thing.
I really do not know what to bring down dear. I think our toaster, iron and maybe Mothers electric heater, some blankets and sheets and a couple of our small lamps and I really don’t know much more but I will give you all the details later darling as soon as I get us a place. I have not had a chance to see these people I was telling you about, but I’ll get around for sure on the weekend.
So little Beverley is quite a gal eh? Well if she is half the girl her big sister is she’s really going to be some hot stuff and seriously darling I would like nothing better than for us to have one just like her. I think I would just as soon have a girl. I guess it is because I hope she is like her Mother because she would really be a lovely baby. So darling you know how I feel about it and we will just see what happens when you come down here.
Ted is really going to be doing a lot of travelling. I had a look and it costs $90 return from here to Toronto and it is only 5 and 1/2 hours by plane. I like to think of it that way dear because it makes you seem so much closer to me.
The boys are just saying how much they you give to take their girls to the Palais Royale tonight. I said that I would give $20 right now to be able to go down with you darling in fact I would give $50 and then I think that would be cheap. But someday dear we’ll be together back home and darling I’ll promise to make up to you all the good times that you are missing now. A lot of the boys worry about their wives running around with other men and having a wild time and I just told them that they are not really in love with them or they wouldn’t worry. I said real love includes trust and faith and I said that in all the time I had known you and darling, that is about 6 years, you had not done anything to break that trust and darling that is one of the main reasons that I love you so very, very much.
I’m just sorry for the little things that I have done to you and I just wish that I could apologize darling, but you know now that I really didn’t mean them and that I just hope you believe in me as much as I do in you because darling I would never do anything to spoil our wonderful love for one another.
Well dear I guess that is about all for now. I have to leave and press my uniform because tomorrow is the C.O’s inspection and he like to see that Willie Lewis is a neat little airman. So darling I’l write toy on Saturday or Sunday so until then dear, loving you very much.
Missing you very very much
Your loving husband



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