November 10th, 1942

Hello my Darling:

I received your very nice letter today and I have just finished reading it as I have just got in from work and it is about 9PM. I went and had my hair done right after work and now I am all set for you to come home and take me out, gosh I wish you could but darling just think it won’t be long before I am down beside you.
That was very nice of that fellow to take you to his place for supper. Do I know him? Darling just think that soon we will have a room all to ourselves where I can cook for you (HA HA poor you). I hope you can take it, I mean the cooking. Last night I stayed home and finally finished your socks, so Mother is going to wash them tomorrow for me so I will try and send them down to you so that you will get them for the weekend. After I finished your socks I went to bed and I was in bed by 10 o’clock.
We had quite a night over here last night. It seems that yesterday Marg got a telephone call from Mr. Simpson asking her to meet him at noon hour as he had a letter to her from Ted. Ted has sent it in care of his Fathers place because they get their mail 3 times a day instead of once and he wanted Marg to get this one right away. So Marg went over to meet him and when she read Ted’s letter she broke down. It seems he told her unless she goes over there to stay with his parents after the wedding, the wedding will have to be postponed. Poor Marg got such a shock she had to go home and Bill if you could have only seen her, she was crying as if her heart would break and I could slap Ted Simpson and his family for hurting her so much. She doesn’t know what to do , as her dress is being made. She asked my opinion, but I told her that was something she would have to decide for herself.
I did say however that I think Ted needed to get a backbone and tell her she did not have to go over there and live, but I said if she loved Ted so much as she said she did, then I would let nothing stand in my way. I would go over and stay there with his parents but I would just ignore them and make them wish they had never asked her over there. I wish you could have heard what your Mother called them. Your Mom was around here this afternoon to see Mom and so was Auntie Lizzie. Oh yes Mrs. Simpson came over to Mothers last week, which I think I told you, but I never told you this. She said to Mom, “you know Ted was more of a home boy than Bill Lewis”. Why she had to take your name into this, I will never know. All I know is your Mom said to me if she ever sees Mrs. Simpson again she is going to say to her, “well at least my boy did not take his knitting down with him”. Heaven help her is she says anything to me about poor Marg.
Well enough of the bad news, I get a long rest in bed tomorrow as I have a holiday in the morning seeing as how it is Remembrance day, and we do not have to go in until 12PM, not bad eh?
I phoned you Mom tonight to let her know I had a letter from you and I am going over to see them tomorrow night and I told her that you were going to write you Aunts this week, and darling be sure and write Aunt Mattie because darling she is very ill. Your Mother would not want to let you know her condition, and it must be very hard for your Mother knowing that she is failing and just waiting and not being bale to do anything about it. But Aunt Mattie is really bad, I never got such a shock as I did last Sunday when I saw her. She is so thin and she is suffering quite a bit, so dearest I am praying that you get home at Christmas so you can see her. I hate to tell you this news Bill because I know it is no fun being away from home and knowing that someone dear to you is sick, but I thought you should at least know the whole truth.
We are having quite cold weather here just now, tonight is very cold. But darling I am certainly looking forward to coming down to you so that keep me nice and warm at night. I thought I would stay downtown some night this week and see “Desperate Johnny” with Errol Flynn and Ronald Reagan. Have you seen that picture yet der? One of the girls in the office asked me to stay down with her.
Say, how does my good husband know all the orchestra boys and all the news that they keep coming up with. I am just listening to “I met her on Monday” and are my feet just itching. Darling I am, certainly going to expect my husband to take me out dancing at least 10 times when I get down there.
So darling I will close now but I will write on Thursday, so dearest write soon.
love still from your still 107 pound wife.



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