October 27th, 1942

Hello my darling:

Here I am again and boy is it ever cold here tonight. I am sitting bundled up in a sweater, we have the furnace on and out little Quebec heater going but it is still cold. I am still wearing my spring coat because I think it is too soon to start wearing a winter coat yet, and anyway I am going to keep my new on until I come down to you. I will just wear my good old grey one to work.
How have you been keeping dear, I felt wonderful after I read you lovely letter dear and darling your letters will never be too mushy for me because I really love to have you say how much you love me so Bill dear never stop saying it to me.
Marg is busy writing Ted just now also, so if this seems sort of hurried you will have to excuse me because we have to got to Doris’ tonight to see about a fitting on our dresses, so I guess we will be late getting home. I went over to see you Mother and Dad last night they’re both fine dear. Your Dad is starting to get busy now because he is working. Last night and I had a nice piece of pumpkin pie that your Mom had made and boy was it ever good. Gosh darling I am going to have an awful lot of competition when I start baking for you after being used to such bakes from your Mom.
I was just talking to your Mother on the phone just a few minutes ago and she was at the dentist today and got 6 more teeth pulled and she is fine except her gums are a wee bit sore. She doesn’t have to go back now for 3 more weeks so that will give her a rest for a while.
Bill dear has it started to get cold down there. Everyone that I talk to says I will have to take my long underwear but I just told them that they did not know my husband, as long as I have you around me I will not need any underwear to keep me warm, if you know what I mean.
Bill dearest it would be perfect if you could come home for Christmas. I was hoping you could, but it sounded too good to be true, but darling I will pray and keep my fingers crossed that you get home and then I can come back with you.
Both your Mother and my Mother were a wee bit worried about me going down there alone, in case somebody tries to pick me up, although I’m not a bit worried. I am excited about getting down to you, I think I could walk down. But darling as you say I think it would be a lot better if I could go back with you. Oh darling lets both pray awful hard for the time to pass quickly but I think it will be soon seeing as we both have so much to look forward to. When will you know for sure dear? Be sure and let me know.
Well enough of that or I would go on for hours talking about it. At the present moment Dad is trying to book an Orchestra for Marg’s wedding. I think I told you in my last letter that Marg is being married not he 26th of December which falls on a Saturday night but the orchestras all seem to be booked as it is right at a bad time. But I think they have finally got one, a 3 piece band. Marg is having there reception at Malloney’s, the same place we had ours dear. So darling if you could only get home it would be perfect (here I go again), so now you see we will all be busy around here.
Darling I think you misunderstood me, I have never been out with that red head from our office. Gosh dear if I went out with her and her gang I think I would never come home! You should hear some of the things she comes off with.
I was at your Aunts place on Sunday night just for a few minutes. Dad drove me up as we went to get Marg’s cakes, and they look so good. Everyone is fine including your Uncle Jack and they were all asking for you, by the way dear you Mother wrote you last night and you should get it soon.
Bill dear do the orchestra’s fellows wives down there work or do they just stay home? Some people have all the luck. Remember I was telling you about Raymond and that he got his call but Alf was trying to get him into the office for the Air Force, well Raymond got a long distance call from him yesterday and he could get him in the office at Ottawa if he wanted to leave the city but if not, he would have to go see his Army captain. So he did and it turns out that after 2 months in the army he can go to Ottawa for the Air force, talk about luck.
Well dear I had a look at the radio and I can get one for $22.50. I copied all the information down to see if it is OK with you. Do you want me to get it now for you? Or do you want me to wait until Christmas when I will be able to get 20% off. let me know what you decide, but here is the information about the radio. Standard Band 45T AC DC 1942.
What is the matter with the radio you bought? Marg is just phoning your Aunts now to thank them for making her wedding cake.
I guess your Mother told you about Lloyd going overseas, so I hope you get a chance to see him before he goes over. He long distanced his Mother on Friday and she hasn’t heard from him since, so I guess he will be on his way, so look for him in Halifax. I think he has your address though.
Well dear I guess I will finish now as Marg is waiting for me, so I will close now dear. Just think it won’t be long until I see you (I hope) and darling I think of you every second of every day and darling that is no lie.
All my love dearest



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