October 27th, 1942

Hello Darling:

Well here it is Tuesday and as yet I haven’t had a letter from you since last Friday. I want to blame you however dear, because the air mail has been held up for the last 3 days because of the wether. I sincerely hope that you received my letter OK? How has the weather been back home dear?
Well here it is almost November already. I can hardly wait for Christmas to arrive dear and even though I don’t get an opportunity to go home, it will be a real swell Christmas present having you come down here. We have not heard anything about leave at Christmas and I rather have my doubts as to whether we will get it or not. Especially since many fellows will be on leave. If I get it though, I will be able to come home and bring you back with me.
I heard some rather good news today dear, they raised the living out allowance from 50 cents a day to 75 cents a day and that would certainly come in useful if we sort out a little place for you down here dear. Darling I am glad that you will not expect quite as nice of a place down here as you would in Toronto because it certainly isn’t, but with you down here I will not mind one bit.
I won’t make any arrangements for a place until the end of November or so. But I really don’t think it will be too hard to find one. I’m going to try and pick up a nice big trunk for you dear. Some of the boys have bought swell trunks for less than $4.
I guess my Mother has written me by now but it is more than likely being held up also. I certainly hope she is feeling well again. I am going to drop my Aunts a few lines as soon as I get a chance. I’m so very glad to hear that Aunt Mattie has had no serious trouble since her last attack and I’m praying that it will last for a long time yet.
I’ve bought myself a little book on plans for houses and I’m certainly doing some heavy day dreaming over it. We’ll certainly have a lot of fun planning for our new place together won’t we darling? Because I’m going to let you choose everything dear, but you’ll let me fix up the recreation room won’t you? Don’t forget to leave lots of room for the nursery though.
I asked the boys in the band if they knew about your red head who you are working with in the office, but they could not place her so let me know her name and that will maybe revive old memories for the boys, if you know what I mean.
Well dear I’m going to make this note real short but I’ll write you a real letter on Thursday dear. So hoping that the mail gets through and just think only 7 more weeks dear. So from the bottom of my heart darling, I love you.
Your loving husband,



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