October 30th, 1942

Hello my darling:

I received your nice wee short note today which is Friday. I was going to write you last night but when I found there was no mail for me I decided I would wait until today and hope I got a letter and I did.
At the present moment dear it is about 11:30PM and my eyes are just about closing so if this letter is on the short side you will know why.
What have you been doing with yourself dear? You were saying in your letter Bill that you handout heard from me since last Friday but I guess that mail must have been held up because I wrote you last Sunday and had it mailed before 5:30PM, so it would get there for Monday or Tuesday, then I wrote you Tuesday which you should have received on Thursday so darling that is the reasons. I always write you at least twice a week and sometimes 3 times.
Marg got a letter from Ted today and this is the first one she has had from Ted this week and it was posted last Sunday. We have had nice weather here the last couple of days. It is just like spring. I hope it keeps up like this until after Christmas then I would not have to wear my winter coat.
I also received our cheque today dear for $60.00 but I don’t know if I can bank all that or not because I have to get my winter coat out of storage and pay for your insurance. They were after us last week to take out a War Bond, so I thought I would get a $50.00 one. They take $2.00 out of your pay every week for 6 months but I don’t mind that because it will always be something to have after this war is over.
Well darling lets see what else I have to tell you. Oh yes, I went to the show on Wednesday night with Aunt Jessie and Marg and saw 2 grand pictures, “Juke girl” and “Blues int he Night” Last night I was in bed early, I was knitting for a while then I had a bath and was in bed by 9PM. I was a good girl, but always wishing that you were here with me so I could fall asleep with you. Oh darling, I have the grandest dreams when I go to bed. I just dream that I am on my way down to you, and you are waiting for me at the station and I run into your arms and you hold me tight. Soon darling.
I was talking to your Mother tonight on the phone and she is fine. She came around to see Mother and Beverley last Wednesday afternoon and it was Aunt Jessie’s afternoon off so that had a nice chat. Your Mother was telling me that Mrs Dean was up seeing Aunt Mattie the other night and she was asking for us. I am going to phone her on Sunday and also Mrs. Henderson, and Mr. Ingham. Boy I will be busy.
I was talking to Helen Allen the other day and she said Jack was in Halifax and did not know how long he would be down there. He is going to look you up when he gets there. So darling don’t forget his name is Jack Reid.
Marg and I had Audrey Sherman visiting us tonight and also Ann Noddle, the girl Marg used to got to school with. She lives down the street. So we had a nice evening talking about old times. I don’t know if I told you in one of my letters that Audrey had her engagement ring stolen so she went downtown today and bought herself another one, although it will never as much to her as the one Jack gave her.
Ted was telling Marg that he expects to leave on the 21st of December and will be in Toronto at 6AM on the 23rd. He is flying home, I don’t know if he will just fly to Montreal or if he will fly right home. Some people are just so lucky eh? But if he was to take a boat out it would take so long from Newfoundland, so I guess he thought it would be better in the long run to fly out.
The wedding is definitely to take place on the 26th, so darling please try and get home for it but if not, you can rest assured I will be on the train for Halifax the next day.
Darling don’t bother trying to get me a trunk because I will try and borrow a big case and anyway if I find I need more things when I get down here I can always send for them and darling please let me know if I will be doing the cooking or of we will be boarding because as I said before dear, I don’t want to kill you with buy first meal.
Another thing I was going to ask you, do you still want your radio because my 20% starts on November 18th to December 6th, so if you want anything just let me know and I will get it for you.
Gosh Bill when we were asking over the good Ole time we used to have I was so homesick for you. Darling I wonder if you will ever realize how much I love you and just how much you mean to me. Someday darling I hope to be able to prove to you just how much I love you but darling, just think, 8 more weeks and I will be seeing you again. Gosh Bill it seems like years since I last saw you and darling married like must be agreeing with me because when I was down at Doris’ getting why measurements for my dress, she checked the measurements for when I got married and I have put on 1 inch on my breasts and I have put on 1.5 on my hips. So we will just have to see about that.
Well darling I guess I will close because my head is just about dropping on the table but I will write you again on Sunday so darling write soon because I look forward to your letters so much.
Lots and Lots of love my darling



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