October 10th, 1942

Hello dearest:

Well here it is Saturday afternoon and this is just about the time that I feel the most alone. At least when I was in Ottawa I had a chance to get home but down here I haven’t. Boy, even with all its faults I would certainly like to go back to Ottawa, just so that I could be closer to you.
I received your box of chocolates dear and really you shouldn’t have sent it. You are going to spoil me but there is one way that you can spoil me and I can’t wait to get home and find out how. I received a letter from my Aunt Mattie and it was certainly very nice and cheerful. I certainly hope that she stays that way for a very long time.
Nothing very exciting has happened since I last wrote you. All the boys had meal tickets on Thursday night so we went down to the Nova Scotian Hotel and has a real first class meal and it only cost us 10 cents each and that was a tip for the waitress and for that they promised. They promised to see us upstairs at 11 o’clock and boy what a night we had. The one who served me was certainly hot stuff, I really couldn’t handle her! Seriously darling, you are the only one for me, the only one from the begging and will be the only one till the end of time.
These darn flies are still flying around and boy they are an awful bother. Do you have such a problem down there in Toronto?
I see by the morning paper that they are cutting down on the amount of 48 hour leaves so all the boys stationed around Toronto won’t be getting home so often now dear so even if I was nearer to home I might not be able to get home.
Well anyway after we had supper we went to a concert at the Knights of Columbus hall and saw a dandy concert with those darn Hula dancers in it again but all in all it was really OK. I hope that you received your parcels and card OK dear. I’m sorry that I had to put 1 cent stamps on our card but that is all I could get and then I had to go all over town to get them. I had a surprise for you tonight darling, I was going to phone you and then I remembered that I didn’t have your phone number so I didn’t like to take a chance and not get a hold of you. But give me your number in your next letter dear and I’ll phone you some night next week, but once I get you on the phone I will not know what to say. I think it would be good idea to phone to my place and say hello to my Mother too but let me know what you think.
You were asking about that duty watch, well that is quite a joke as far as I am concerned. I just answer my name at 7 & 10 o’clock every night and then make sure that all the boys are in safe and sound. Nothing much to it really.
I am certainly sorry to hear that you have to move darling, but don’t worry now. You’ll get a place and if it comes to the worst you are to stay at our place but don’t worry darling everything will turn out OK. In fact we might have a place of our own by the time I get down there permanently and darling if you only knew how wonderful it will be to come home to you every night. I guess I just love you so much and that is that.
You were asking how long I’ve been down here. I figured it out and darling I’ve been down here for 6 months on the 13th of this month and it seem just like 6 years. Well anyway here is hoping that we are 6 months away form the end of this terrible war.
Bob is 100% again so I think he will stay clear of trouble from now on. But last week he was certainly feeling high and I think he would have grabbed anything in sight!
Well dear I guess that is about all for now but I’ll drop Mother a “WEEE” note about Monday but darling write soon and all I can say is hoping that I will be with you soon honey and as I said before I would not doubt if it was very soon.
So loving you with all my heart



P.S Wishing you a swell birthday dear and hoping to see you soon

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