October 7th, 1942

Hello Darling:

I received your swell letter this morning and boy was I ever glad to recive it and was I ever happy to open it up and start reading it. Darling I am certainly missing you an awful lot and I just wish I could get home for your birthday. I guess you thought I might have forgotten it but darling I’ll never forget my favourite wife’s birthday.
Well dear I have not done very much since Sunday. I went to the station Sunday night and saw “I’ll wake up screaming” boy was it ever a swell picture. On Monday night I went to the station show again and saw “Destiny Rides again” and it wasn’t bad. But last night all the boys went down and saw “The Orchestra Wife” with Glen Miller and darling don’t miss that as there was some top tunes, one was “I got a gal in Kalamazoo” and another was “At Last” and boy dear did that ever put me in a sentimental mood.
I hope you like what I sent you darling, it really hard to get anything much down here and darling you know anyway that all my love goes with them and that is the main thing. I just wish that I was home to give you something else if you know what I mean?
So Marg is rather afraid that she might get get in a “family” way after her wedding night and she does not want to be alone when and if that happens as Ted will be away. Well dear, there is really nothing anyone can do it really is up to fate so I would tell her that, and tell her not to worry so much.
Well I think we will know what is going to happen down here by the end of the month, of course nobody knows yet what really is going to take place but I imagine that some of us might be going overseas, but I think I might be able to get off from it. I certainly hope dear because I want nothing else than to get home to you darn it! I really think my love for you will win out and I will not be going overseas.
The weather down here is still great we don’t have to wear coats yet and it is just right at night for sleeping but I guess it would be fine for indoors sports too.
I’ve still got about 9 pairs of socks darling but the heels and toes are out of a few pair but they are starting a darning club down here. You know all the old married woman come down and fill in the holes in the boys socks, so as soon as I wash mine I’ll get them fixed up. By the way I’m doing all my washing now except my shirts, boy I’ll be a big help to my mother when I grow up won’t I?
So Dot isn’t around the General Office anymore eh? I wonder whats the matter with her, maybe she is just plain worn out from all that bed hopping. It is too bad for her, she is a nice gal.
Darling I had the chance to get a nice apartment this morning. It cost $40 a month but it was really swell if things are still quiet at the end of the month perhaps you could come down for a month but I’m pretty sure that something is going to break soon so we’ll just hold on for the time being. But darling if you only knew how much I wanted you but I honestly don’t think it will be long now. So keep your chin up until we see each other.
So darling hoping you have the best birthday you’ve ever had and I’ll be thinking of ou all day with all my love,



2 thoughts on “October 7th, 1942

  1. Its been a wonderful read & getting a glimpse of how life was back then. You are so lucky to have such letters. Thank you for sharing & I look forward to receiving more letters to read.


  2. Its Brenda again.
    As I cannot find a contact section I hope this will get to who ever, for info purposes only.
    Is there a way you can reverse the order on the 1941-42 letters.

    In order to catch up to where you started the blog in January 2021 we now have to scroll all the way down & work our way up.

    I saw on the Marilyn show your interview.
    You should mention on this site how old grandma is now & about grandpa passing. Even a “today pic” would add to the story.
    Love reading the letters.
    I don’t think this should-be viewed in the comments as this was the only place I could find to reach you.
    You’re doing a great job.


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