October 11, 1942

Hi Darling:

I received your grand letter on Friday but I thought I would wait until today because I always have more new to tell you over the weekend.
Bill darling I want to thank you very for my beautiful case, you always seem to know what I want. I phoned you Mother on Friday from work to see if there was any mail from you and when she told me there was and also a big parcel I could hardly work all afternoon and boy did I ever tear home in a hurry. So dearest thank you so very much again.
I missed you an awful lot yesterday because this is the first year you were not with me on my birthday. I don’t feel any older though, I guess I should be I don’t. I feel just sixteen and boy darling am I ever missing you so terribly. I had a very quiet birthday. I went to the show with Aunt Bessie and Irene. Marg didn’t come Bill because she went to the show with Mrs. Simpson. I got some beautiful undies so come home darling and see me with those on.
As I was saying I got a pair of stockings from Nan Wilson and 4 cups and saucers of my tea set from Marg and Auntie Jessie and 2 glasses of my cornflower set from Doris so I think I did very well. In the afternoon I went to Kay Watson’s wedding and she had a beautiful wedding. It was very classy, but I would still rather have ours.
I think Marg will be having a big wedding, I think she is going to have Irene as well as me for a bridesmaid. She got her material last week, she is wearing a white satin long dress and I still think I am wearing pink, but now I am thinking I am might wear blue. I will decide when I get the material on Tuesday. Doris is going to come with me as she is making the dresses. Marg still does not know the date yet as Ted is not sure. The last letter she had from him he was in the hospital. He did not say what was the matter except that it wasn’t serious and not to worry about him. (I wonder if he has been behaving himself?). I was kidding Marg about that and she did not seem impressed.
Bill dear by the time you get my letter you will have had one from Aunt Mattie and she was saying that she hoped that she would be alive to see our first child and darling I certainly hope so, we will just have to do something about it, so hurry home.
Nan Wilson has just came over, she is in Toronto for the weekend and she is staying at Ronnie’s place. Sh his hoping to be married between Christmas and New Years as well but does not know when Ron will be able to take his leave. She thinks he is in South America just now. He was in New York about 2 weeks ago and phoned her and told her to tell his Mother to send him his summer underwear.
I was over to see your Mother and Pop on Friday night and they are doing fine dear. You Dad was around last night with my present, I but I did not see him though as I was at the show but he came in and was holding Beverley and he was all thrilled, think what he will be like when he is holding his grandchild.
After the show last night I went around to Auntie Lizzie’s because Mother and Dad where there an boy did she have a crowd there. I was introduced all around. Of course I knew everybody there but they just want to use my married name and darling if you only knew how thrilled I am every time anybody called me Mrs. Lewis, but I just wish you were here dear so they would say Mr. & Mrs. Lewis.
Last Thursday we all went to the Lodge dance and had a very nice time and darling I can hardly wait until this awful war is over so that we can go together, so I can be the proud little wife introducing my handsome husband.
Lloyd was home for this weekend. He still has not left for overseas yet, your Mother and Dad were over there last night so was Aunt Agnes and Aunt Mattie and he came in with Gladys but they were not saying because they were going to spend the night at the King Edward (lucky them).
I still have not sent you your socks yet dear, but I really have them finished so I’ll parcel them up for sure tomorrow so you should get them by Wednesday. I think that is a swell idea about having the married sewing your socks.
Darling if I have told you this already than please forgive me, my head is full of news. Dot McKee is leaving the office. I am sure that they just got fed up with her acting the way she was. I thought that the General office was bad for some tough but I am finding out all about the budget plan here. It seems that some of the unmarried girls go out to the Royal York on the week nights and have “grand” old time. Then they try and come to work the next day not feeling so hot and there you have it. I think Dot just was playing a little too hard.
Well dearest I am afraid I will have to finish now because we are going to Auntie Bessie’s for a chicken dinner and we are having one tomorrow, and she has just finished phoning here telling us to hurry. Tomorrow as it is the holiday I am going to take Mom downtown to see “We will meet again” with Clark Gable and Lana Turner, but I will write you again on Tuesday and darling I still have my fingers crossed that you get posted near home.
All my love my darling,



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