September 17th, 1942

Hello Darling:

Well here I am again and boy is it hot, it has been terrible the last 3 days, today it was up to 90 degrees and gosh was it hot in our office but I am lucky and sit right by the window.
I received another grand letter from you yesterday dear, but I thought I would wait until tonight until I answered it because I had just written you on Tuesday.
I am glad you liked the pictures dear, I am taking some more on Saturday with my going away suit on, that is what I am wearing to Marg McLeods and also Lloyd Duff’s wedding. Marg is being married at 3:30 and Lloyd at 7:45 so I will have a day of it.
We were at a shower for Marg on Tuesday and she got some nice things, only she didn’t get a surprise. She was asking me lots of questions (about the wedding) as they are not having a rehearsal and she is not very sure what to do. I think I told you they are going to Montreal for their honeymoon. Len arrives home tonight, he is back at Dunville, the lucky person. He does not know if he is going to be moved or not. They are just having the reception at home. Boy what a kidding I took at the shower. There was another girl and myself who were just new brides she was married in June and is 20 years and everyone was asking if we enjoyed being married and we both said yes at the same time.
I sent Marg’s wedding present up to her yesterday, I sent her a casserole in a silver stand and I gave Gladys and Lloyd a big white linen tablecloth for the dining room table. I think your Mother is going to give her money. We are going to take her present up to her tomorrow night. I think your Father is going to drive us there.
Gladys and Lloyd are having their reception at the diet kitchen so darling I will write you Sunday and tell you all about the weddings.
It is about 10:30PM but I am not going top my bed until about 12, it is too hot so I will just listen to the radio. There is no more news about your Aunt Mattie, she came home on Wednesday and Thursday morning she was up at 9:30 feeling fine. So lets hope dear that she keeps that way for a long time. Everyone here is fine, all the colds have disappeared including mine.
Yes darling I certainly hope we have a couple of children like Beverely but as you say, lets hope this war does not last for much longer. And I would also like a cute couple of boys just like my husband with black curly hair. Oh darling I love you so much but I had better snap out of it or I will be spilling tears all over your letter and that would never do.
Marg has just come in, she was over at Mrs. Simpson for supper.
So Matt Kenny is coming down to Halifax, dear I think you should go and then you can write and tell me all about it. I will think of us dancing the night away. If you think of me 50 times a day, then I must think of you 100 times a day. I just can’t get you out of my head even for a second.
How were the shirts dear, you never said you got them or not. Oh by the way dear we have 2 French girls working down at our office and one of them is very cute. They are all very small , 2 of them come from Ottawa so I asked them if they had ever heard of you and they said you don’t mean that Lewis guy? They warned me not to go out with you as you are a naughty boy. Are you Bill? HA HA.
Mother has to go to court tomorrow morning as our case comes up. I mean the landlord is trying to roadie our rent $5.00 but we will see tomorrow. We still don’t know if we are getting Aunt Agnes, the people refuse to get out so we will just have to wait and see.
Your Mother asked your Uncle Bob if he could go down and get the batteries that you needed but unfortunately all batteries sales have been frozen. So you will just have to wait until they lift the ban.
Well detest I will close for now as I am running short of news but I will write you on Sunday and give you some more.
So darling, love from our wife who loves you an awful lot,



P.S I wish you were here so I could give you those kisses

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