September 15th, 1942

Hello Dearest:

Well darling this will be just a wee note as I have just got home from work, and I thought I would write you before I had my supper as I won’t have time after as I will have to do the dishes then we are all going to Marg McLeod’s shower so you will have to excuse me dear for making it short.
We have just started working until 5PM we used to work until 430PM and boy does that 1/2 an hour ever go slow. I’m luckier than I was in the other office because they have started to work until 530PM.
I received your grand letter yesterday darling and I certainly was looking forward to it. So Bob was sick eh, that’s too bad. I told your Mother he was sick but I just told her he had the same as you, thank goodness darling you haven’t got what he has! Why doesn’t he get married and settle down, look at all the fun he is missing, or is he?
I am glad you liked you cake dear, be sure to write you Mother and thank her but I know you will without me telling you. There I go telling you what to do already!
So you lost the swimming race to the navy, shame on you. I thought you were right and trim, I think you slipping old dear (I’m only kidding). But I am glad that you did well all the same.
Your Mother told me to tell you why she has not written to you as you know dear your Aunt Mattie went int he hospital last Tuesday and you Mother has been down every afternoon and evening so she hasn’t had any time dear. I am afraid I have bad news for you as I told you in my last letter.
We thought that you Aunt might have cancer, well dear that unfortunately is true. Doctor Johnson phoned Mother last night and told her the they were sending her home as there was nothing that they could do as she has cancer in the bowels and also in the bladder and it is just a matter of time. My Mother felt so bad, she did not ask Dr Johnson how long she had to live, your Mother wanted her to, but the doctor said she is to have anything she wants and he is not going to tell her.
So darling that is a secret and nobody is going to know your Mother is going to tell anybody who asks that she has lesions on her bladder. Your Mother feels very bad Bill, we all do and I know how you are going to feel so if you write her dear, just be the same as usual to her.
She got home this afternoon. Your Mother went down and got her and Mr Young drove then home. Your Aunt Agnes doesn’t know yet nor your Uncle Jack but your Mother is going to tell them tonight. Your Mother would like to take her home to her place but your Aunt Agnes would be awful mad.
Aunt Mattie has to go and see Dr. Johnson next week so your Mother is going to go also and ask Dr Johnson how long she has but Bill dear she might live for years, all we can do is pray she does and that she does not suffer.
Well darling I won’t say anymore about it because your Mother will be writing you and telling you everything. You were saying that if I was to have a baby that the government pays 50% of all the bills then what are we waiting for? Come home right now and we will have 4 right away. Oh boy I must quit teasing myself!
Marg had a letter from Nan Wilson today and she was telling her that Ronnie has been at the Y depot time and time again to see you but he can never find you. Where do you hide yourself? He was there about 2 weeks ago and even had a Sergant looking for you. I don’t know how he wouldn’t locate you unless it was the time you were in the hospital.
I hope dear that it only cost $#) to come down because darling if you are still there at Christmas I am going to try my darndest to get down o you. Because darling I miss you so much now I often wonder how I can last out until then but I will just have to try, thats all.
Well dearest I will have to close now as I have to wrap Marg’s gift up and also get dressed but I will write you a nice big letter either on Thursday and Friday
Loving you with every beat of my heart



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