September 18th, 1942

Hello Darling:

I received your “wee” letter last night and as I was working I did not get a chance to answer it until today.
I guess you realize how sorry I was to hear about my Aunt, but I hope that she lasts for a year or two anyways. I am certainly praying for it anyhow. I wrote a letter to each of my Aunts yesterday but of course I didn’t say anything. I only hope that if anything does happen that I am a little closer to home than I am at the present time.
I hope “ma” Booth is feeling like her old self again and that little Beverley is a cuddly as her big sister. At any rate I could certainly go for some of that cuddling right now. Honestly dear I think of you practically all the time. Incidentally I am keeping an eye open to see if there are any flats or anything not to bad down here. Because darling I want you down here more than anything else in this world.
I wouldn’t want you to come down though unless I found some place that would be suitable for my little darling. Would you like to come down for a couple of months just to see if you would like it? But I would hate for you to quit your job dear, especially as you like it so well. But let me know what you want dear because I wouldn’t want you to come down so far from home unless you really wanted to even though I really want you as much as I do.
Well I do not think I have a thing to tell you though darling. It is still like summer down here. I’m playing quite a bit of tennis and they had a concert last night with about almost 20 girls but honestly darling I did not think one of them was nearly as nice as you and I really mean that. In fact I haven’t seen a girl since I’ve come down here that I would look at twice!
So you want a baby now eh? OK darling I’ll be right home and fix it up? Where do you want to say the Royal York and darling wouldn’t that be wonderful and someday soon darling we will have a second honeymoon. Darling I cannot stop raving about those pictures you sent me in that swell dress. I really am proud of it dear you certainly look pretty cute. I think I’ll marry you legally now, Oh I forgot I already have.
I guess by the time you get this letter Lloyd will be a married man. I don’t know why I waited so long dear because I always did know you were the right one and darling you can depend on it you always will be the only girl for me forever.
I had a nice little chat with the stations Padre and he said that he was glad that I was married. He said that it was the most wonderful relationship in the world if a man and a woman love each other and darling that really is true about us. Especially the way I love you and even though we are separated it will only tend to increase that love and bring us closer together than ever. Lloyd and Gladys will be as a happy I am sure.
Bob has returned from his leave but no one ever writes him. I think he is a little bit jealous of me as I have such a wonderful wife who writes me all the time and family who take time out of their days to write me as well. I do feel a bit sorry for him however.
Don’t forget to think over that idea about coming down dear. You know how much I want you. Darling you know it wont be like home and it might be a little tough. So think about it and let me know dear because I would not be surprised f some of us are posted out over the next 2 months and we might go east and we might go west so I do not know what would happen.
I am going to write my Mother tomorrow, I thought I would wait until I received a letter from her but as you say she is busy. I’ll write as soon as I can.
Well darling that is about all for now but I’ll write you on Sunday again. Honey and Darling, from the very bottom of my heart I give you all my love and all my soul.
Missing you and love you very much



P.S I am going to send this by regular mail as you will not get it by Air Mail by Monday anyways

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