May 25th, 1941

My Darling Doreen:

Hello dear. I received your very nice letter yesterday and as you know I look forward to getting htem more than anything else. I went to the station theatre last night and saw “Alexander’s Ragtime Band” it was really OK even though I saw it before. Tonight “Texas” is on so I guess I will be seeing it. Since I’ve got back to the station I have not been off once.
Well darling it is only 9 weeks to August now and believe me I will it will be the longest 9 weeks of my life. I’m looking forward to seeing you again so much already that I just hope I can last out. But knowing what a wonderful time is in store for me I think I will be ok.
I don’t need to get permission till about the 1st of July so if you have your letter here about the last week in June it will be fine.
There are a couple of things that I am worried about though. 1) I think you have to have your marriage license certified 3 days before you can get married and 2) my birth certificate is at Ottawa. But you let me know definitely and I will fix things up here because I think tat I can get special permission to get married as soon as I get the license but you let me know.
The next thing is dear that I will be sending you $25 in my next letter and darling I really want you to take it and buy yourself some clothes etc. and anything that you might need. And in the middle of June I will send you another $25 and if you take it I will be mad.
I think that just about covers all for the present dear, except where we are going to go. I think Midland is pretty swell myself and we can go there for a couple of days and if there is enough gas I was thinking that we could to Holt’s or Mrs. Deans for a day or two. But we will have to see how the gasoline situation is by then. I think it would be just perfect if we cold get a cottage up at Holts all by ourselves boy darling that would be Paradise.
Really dear its wonderful when two people love each other and get along as well as we do.
I’m sorry that I won’t be able to get down to Anna’s or Jan’s wedding as it would give me some pointers on what to do as a groom. He really only comes in useful on the wedding night.
Oh something else that I was going to ask you dear I dont know what to do about my leave. I was thinking that I would take 10 days in August and let the other 4 days wait till winter and hope to get 5 days additional days and then take them all together.
But you let me know what you would rather have me do and also let me know your full name so I can add them to the allowance papers. Darling I forgot to mention that you are going to probably marry the badminton champion of the Air force. I am much better than these old farts that are here. So you better be practicing your tennis game and get yourself in shape.
Tell mom to tell Lyyod to be best man as it will save a lot of trouble working from here. I am really sorry to hear that you do not like your new home. But dear you can bet that once this war is over that you will have one of the best and cutest little bungalows in Toronto and it will ne nicer than ever with you in it.
Well dear that just about covers everything for now but I’ll have lots more gossip for you as soon as I get your next letter. And darling as always loving you more every day. I remain your loving to be husband.



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