May 24, 1942

Hello O’l Dear:

This is just going to be a wee note as I haven’t much gossip for you in the letter. I hope I have a letter from you on Tuesday or look out because Halifax here I come. How are you doing since the last time I heard from you? How do you like my grammar – bad eh?
Well dear nothing much exciting has happened since I wrote you on Thursday. I told you I was going over to see your Mother on Friday but Dad had to go to a meeting and Mother wanted to go with him so I stayed and watched Beverley. I phoned your Mother and told her so she said she would go out with your Father. Not sure if they went out as the weather has been bad today. It has rained here since Friday night.
I feel sorry for any person who went away for the weekend. I had Billy McKenzie and Herb up to see me last week and they were going up to Midland this weekend, remember we went up this time last year?
I am so glad we have sorted the wedding out and yes I am glad we can just move forward and not concentrate on the money issue.
I went to the show last night with Irene and Jessie then after the show we went to the restaurant for something to eat but I was home and in bed (by myself) by 12PM not bad eh for a Saturday night, boy am I ever in shape for August (OH BOY).
Well enough talking about myself, what have you been doing (oh Bill not that ) TUT TUT and I thought you were a different, I guess I will have to change you once you are my husband. No darling I think I will leave you just as you are.
Have you decided if you want to go to Midland because if you do we will have to make the arrangements for August. Your Mother and my Mother both get a booklet from Midland asking us up there this year again but I would rather have a cabin where you and Jack were. I think it would be a lot nicer at night, don’t you?
How is Bob keeping? – tell him I was asking for him.
Oh I know I had something else to tell you. The other night Audrey Sherman phoned Marg to see if Ted and her would go out with Jack as he is going overseas. Gee I think that sure was a surprise because he was one person I thought wouldn’t be going over but he said that the girls were taking over the jobs of the cooks so they had to go over. He leave here next Sunday as he has to be in Halifax by the 1st of June so perhaps you might see him.
I am going o a shower for Jan up at her Aunt’s. Gee is she getting excited for her wedding, no wonder she has only 2 more weeks. When I go up for the wedding I am going to stay over for the weekend as her mother has a boarding house up there and they want me to stay.
Well darling I am really saving I was only out once last week and that was to the show on Saturday.
I am listening to Bob Crosby, he is on the band wagon and he is playing the Jersey Bounce, gee I bet you are jealous. Have you got a radio there? How are the dances coming along? Ted has just came in, Marg and him are going over to see her Mother.
Well darling I’m afraid I will have to close now as I have no more news to tell. But I will have by the time I get your letter. Hurry and answer dear as I look forward to your letter.

Loveing you with all my heart


P.S Wishing you were here to get a real kiss rather than the ones on paper.
P.P.S Don’t forget to write your mother!

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