May 29, 1942

Hello darling:

Well dear it is now 9PM Friday night and I have just finished washing my hair and having a bath. I am sorry dear to be so long in answering your letter but I have been quite busy this week and this is the only chance I had to answer your lovely letter. I know that you would be receiving my other letter either on Tuesday or Wednesday.
How have you been keeping dear? Well I hope. I have had a little head cold but nothing much to talk about (I mist have got it from someone at work)
Mother and Dad have just gone out to do some shopping and Marg and Ted are going to the Top Hat so I am all by myself but I don’t mind because I like an evening to myself so that I can have any program I want on the radio.
I was at a shower for Jan on Wednesday night away up at Vaughn Rd. Pop drove me up so it wasn’t that too bad. Gee she got some lovely things. I had a swell time, Jan and I were the youngest gals there as they we all her Aunts and sister-in-laws and neighbours and quite a few of them were in their sixties! So as you can tell I had a good time. Jack got in at 11PM so all the men were at a Stag at one of Jan’s brothers house. He came over about 1030PM. He had about 11 other soldiers with him and they drove me tot he street car and what a beating I took about being engaged to a fellow in the Air Force but never mind I held my own with them.
I think they are just jealous that they are not in the Air Force. Jack is a very nice guy and a nice looking fellow but he doesn’t look as near as nice as you dear in your uniform. Then last night Mother and I went over to your house to see your Mother and Pop and as usual they were both fine.
Your father went out and got a bucket of ice-cream and we had that with cookies and boy was it good. We had quite a talk about (guess what?) Your Mother and my Mother are just disappointed that they are not wearing long dresses and then we asked your Pop what he is going to wear to the wedding and he said his bathing suit.
Then your Mother came around this afternoon to see Mom and Beverley. She was on her way to the races but it looked like rain so she decided she wouldn’t go. Your Aunt Mattie gave me a lovely pair of guest towels and your Mother gave them over to me. I don’t know how I am going to thank your Mother for all the lovely things she has done for me but perhaps some time I will be able to show my appreciation and I must remember to phone and thank your Aunt.
Do you know that both of your Aunts have been sick. Why don’t you drop them a note.
I went down on the street car on Thursday with your Aunt Agnes and she took sick Church St. and had to get off the car. We had to walk as far as Young St with her she was OK once she got some fresh air, it was so stuffy in that street car. She will be finishes work tomorrow as her place or work is going to close down, so perhaps that is just as well because now she can stay home and rest and you Aunt Mattie has been sick for about a week but I guess your Mother will tell you all about it in her letter dear as she is planning on writing you on Sunday.
Yes darling you have to have the wedding license 3 days before you are married and I was asking your Mother if she thought I would be able to get the license without you being here and she said she didn’t think so but my Mother thinks that I will but some lunch hour I will got over to City Hall and get the real answer.
Oh yes, you better had write back to Lloyd and ask him to be best man yourself as it is not your Mothers place but she is going to tell you about that in her letter.
Bill dearest I want to thank you now for wanting to send me up $25.00. I don’t feel right in taking it because after all you bought me this beautiful ring and you know darling you are not married to me yet and you will see expensive I can be after I am your wife, but Bill darling we should be able to save quite a bit. But don’t you dare send me any more money after this $25.00 or I’ll be and because you will have enough expense without sending me any more.
I was talking to Doris the other night so she is going to make my dress and also Marg’s she is going to get started making them next week. She is coming up for supper next Wednesday.
Darling I would like to go up to Mr. Holts on Big Cedar Lake also, I think it would be grand up there just the 2 of us especially at night with the moon and the stars. But as you say we will just see how the gas situation is.
Marg and I are going to a shower for Anna next Thursday so between going to showers and weddings I am keeping quite busy.
Bill dear you should see Beverley now, she is getting big and she laughs and talk to you (believe it or not) some mornings she is going to wake up and say Hello Doreen and you should see Pop with her is he ever spoiling her he is worse than a young father. He gets so worried about her if she cries.
Well darling I guess I will have to close as my arm is getting tired but hurry and write dear as I love receiving our letters and I will promise I will answer it right away.

All my love dear

I love you very much Bill

P.S You never said If you liked my lipstick kiss…here is another one.

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