May 21st, 1942

Bill Darling:

I just received your lovely little note but I was very glad to receive it. I was looking forward to it so much. How is O’l Halifax since you last left it and are the skirts still as short on the girls or shorter? Well you just go around with your eyes shut (oh yeah).
Did you stay in Ottawa very long before you left for Halifax you never said in your letter and how was the trip back?
Bill dear I don’t think I thanked you for the nice 2 days I had when you were here so I will thank you now, it was a grand surprise and I only wish it could happen more often but every time I get blue I just stop and think of August and I get all thrilled and excited and feel very happy.
I phoned your Mother last night and both she and your father are fine and I also phoned her tonight to tell her I got your letter and she was glad that I had heard from you as we were both kind of anxious. I am going over to see your Mom and Pop tomorrow night. Your Mother finished my pair of pillow cases and also that cute little guest towel your mother was doing that you laughed at so, that makes 12 pairs of pillow cases we have now dear.
Last Thursday Mother, Dad, Marg and Auntie Jessie and myself all went to the lodge dance and has a nice time. We asked your Mother but she was going to get permanent so she did not come.
Pop won a prize, a pair of bookends so I feel that I will inherit them. Irene and Jessie came up to look after the baby then Friday night I stayed home and went to bed early and Saturday night I went to the show with Irene and Jessie and on Sunday I stayed home and helped Mom to pack. Well darling as you can tell by the address on the top of my letter we have at last moved into our HORRIBLE new home and when I say horrible I really mean horrible. I only hope that the people in your Aunts house hurry and get out but time will tell. I took Tuesday off as that is when we moved. Boy what a time we had getting moved. We got a threatening letter from a lawyer that Mr. Mitchell (that’s him who moved into our house on Milverton) went to, telling us we had to be out on Tuesday or he would take us to court and we would have to double the rent to pay after May 11. Well that just about topped everything, we got the letter on Saturday so Mom and Dad took the letter and went down to the rent control to see what they could do so they told them not to worry that they couldn’t take us to court and they couldn’t put us on the street because. You see we couldn’t get into this new house because the people in here couldn’t get into their new place but however everything turned out OK the people in this house moved out on Monday and we were able to move on Tuesday (are you following all of this?)
Dad had ordered the van for (am and it didn’t turn up till about 1:30PM so we got in here about 6PM what a dirty place. I never saw so much dirt in all my life we had Auntie Jessie, Aunt Bessie, Irene, Jessie, Raymond, Uncle Louie, Marg, Ted and myself all scrubbing the floors, doors and woodwork. By the time we were finished I was looking more like a homeless person than anything else. To top it all off I wanted to take a bath but the tank was broken so Marg and I went over to Ted’s and had our bath and gosh you should have seen me. I went over there with my hair piled on top, and my slacks, sweater and trench coat and then when I came out I had my pyjamas and trench coat on, boy what a gossip for he neighbours!
Well darling enough about our moving trouble and now for our wedding arrangements. I get all excited when I think about it. Do you want me to get my letter right away and send it down to you? Also I get the license. I will need your birth certificate, yes dear I will go ahead and make the arrangements on this end. It will only be a small wedding but it will be in the church and I will be married in a short dress. Why am I having t in the church? It is because Mother want me to, so I guess it wont hurt us dear to be married in a church, but there wont be many there. I would like to go on our honeymoon up to Midland because we will have to think about gas rationing and anyways I like Midland we would take a nice little cabin by the lake (oh boy hurry up August)
Are you going to write and ask your cousin if he is going to be best man or is you Mother going to do it?
Ted just got posted today and guess where he goes, non other than Mountain View. He is going up there for an instructors course so I guess he will be thinking he is pretty good.
Poop Pop is lying down on the chesterfield tonight with a very bad cold. It seems to be all in his chest and Mother is holding Beverley in her arms she also has a little cold but not too bad but Mother is fine and boy so am I, right as rain.
Have you been fishing yet? Oh and Bill dear don’t forget when you answer this letter to address it to 24 Fielding Ave. We have a cradle phone in this house, some high class to the Booth family eh?
Well darling I am afraid I will have to close now so I want to wash my hair before I go to bed but hurry and write dear because then the time wont seem so long then.
Thinking of you dear every day and wishing you were here.
All my love dearest



P.S They are just playing that song on the radio “Miss you” and boy do I ever. So whenever you hear that song think of me missing you.

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