May 19th, 1942

Hello dearest Doreen:

Well darling here it is Tuesday noon and I am back in Bee-ootiful Halifax. It is foggy and rather damp but it is pretty mild.
I certainly enjoyed my 2 days with you dear more than you will ever know. But I guess we all have to get back to our duty so we can get this war over and I certainly hope that is soon especially the way that I feel about you. Well dear I think that I can get my leave the first 9 days of August so you go ahead figuring on that.
I know that you have looked forward to a big wedding dear, but if you do not have one I will make it up to you somehow and darling you know I will try and make you very happy even though we might have a little tough going at first.
Its only about 9 weeks now so that will go fast but not fast enough. I hope that we can get a place to go but I think Midland wouldn’t be so bad. of a place to go. But I will leave that up to you to decide but I will ask Mom to see about a place up in Peterborough just for us. Won’t that be exciting boy I can hardly wait.
I guess that you will have to see about the license and other things and let me know about anything dear that worries you.
Boy your little sister is getting to be a real cute kid. I guess it runs in the family, I only hope that we have 5 or 6 like her. But I don’t think that you can handle that many or can you?
I was talking to another fellow who is brining his wife down here. So we are both going to keep our eyes open for a place because I would certainly want you to come down here if I can find a nice place for us.
Well dear I am going to make sure that I get plenty of rest and sleep down here over the next 9 weeks so I can be in good shape for you in August – aren’t you getting excited?
I just want to say dear you do know how much I really do love you and it will not be long until I can prove it to you. But as I said before you will need to get everything ready there like a letter of reference from your Minister and I won’t be home to apply for permission until the 1st of July and you get your allowance starting the first of August.
Well honey that is about all but write soon and let me know all the gossip from Toronto as I know how good you are at getting all the juicy bits.

Love with all my heart



P.S Remember that I am your number 1 boy

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