April 30, 1942

Doreen dear:

Well darling here it is Thursday afternoon and I got your letters yet. I received my Mothers yesterday and she mentioned that you had sent one before her, so I guess you must have put the wrong address on it or it got lost on the way somehow.
My Mother mentioned that your mother and father wanted to postpone the wedding to later, well darling, you know it rests entirely with you. If I get sent back to Ottawa I didn’t expect you to come down there to live so if your folks think that you would be leaving home you can put them straight on that point.
I also thought that seeing as how you had got such a nice time off for your holidays in August that it would have been ideal to marry then, but dear I want you to know that I don’t want to go against your parents decision. However as I mentioned before I have not received your letter yet dear so I do not know what your definite opinion is except what my mother thinks.
I was also think of the $35 dollars a month that you were losing and I know that it would come in useful to us later.
They asked us whether we would like to apply for the job of conducting the staff here and I did not want to answer until I heard from you dear. It means an extra $6.00 a week and I could save a lot more for us more so than I could save in Ottawa, especially if I was to take the train twice a month from Ottawa to Toronto.
But of course dear I would be so far away from Toronto, that would be the big disadvantage. But darling I don’t want to do anything that you would not want to do so write and let me know everything.
Well dear I have a big surprise for you. Do you remember Jan? Well they pushed him to Halifax, and well here he is right next to me in my room/ He has had 6 weeks sick leave with an appendicitis and ulcers of the stomach.
Well darling it is certainly a swell squadron here and the food still swell and in fact I am only been away from the cafeteria twice since I have arrived.. I have been once to the show and last night to look around the town.
We have not heard when we will be finished here but I think in about a week or so. But nothing definite. By the way don’t forget to give me your new address.
I just received some pictures dear so I’ll enclose a couple to show you how we dress down here, a couple of them are good for a laugh but they are not so bad.
There was a show and concert here last night and t was pretty good, there was a couple of Hawaiian (is that spelled right?) gals on and did they boys ever go wild over them, they were real good.
I guess that is about all dear from you little Halifax correspondant, but write as soon as you get his dear and let me know how things stand ont he other affair dear.

And so lots and lots of love,


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