May 5th, 1942

Hello Darling:

I just received your last letter dear and as usual it was very, very nice. I also received your other one last Thursday so everything was OK.
The Fellow that sorts the mail had got it mixed in with the sergeants mail so that is what happened to it. I read your letters over once a day dear and they always give me a pleasant thrill.
In regards to us getting married in August dear, you know that I definitely want to and if it was the money situation that was worrying you dear that can be easily remedied dear.
I’ll send you $50.00 as soon as I receive your next letter as I don’t know where to send your mail to and it might get misplaced and I really want you to take it dear because you know that everything I have is yours. And Dear you can have any amount that you want because I have enough and plenty more to get us married but I will tell you that as soon as I see you dear.
Now all you have to do is make all the arrangements at your end and I’ll get my leave all arranged as soon as I get back to Ottawa. By the way you will have to get a letter of reference from your boss or one from your Sunday School teacher and speak to my Mother about lining up a cottage, tell her to speak to Mrs. Dean as she might know of one but you go ahead dear and reserve any place that you would like but I guess we can leave that for a month or so.
I just wish that I was down there to help you darling but write me and let me know if you want any help. I have just received my pay and as I said before I’ll send it to you for you so do anything you want with it dear and please do not worry about money.
The reason that I would rather have us marry this summer is that I wouldn’t be able to get 2 weeks this summer and another 2 weeks in January and darling I always wanted to get married in the summer so we could go up north. I know that your Mother wouldn’t stand in our way dear unless there was a very good reason and I know that she and your father are under terrific stress for money, so if you except the money than I will be sending you I that that there is nothing wrong with it.
I want you to speak to my Mother about it but I think that she will say that it is OK. I’m rather afraid that I would faint at a big wedding but I think that I will be OK as long as you catch me.
You were wondering what the job was that I was applying for, well it is some fellows who get the lads ready to go overseas and look after the physical training. They make you a Sergeant which isn’t bad but it is just means that I would be stuck down here for a longer duration.
Tell your Mother that I wouldn’t know what to do at the wedding and I might only have a day or so to practice. I would get my leave from Monday for 14 days and I would get down on Friday night or Saturday morning by bus if I was in Ottawa by then, but if I am still here in Halifax I am not sure what I will do. So we will wait another 3 or 4 weeks until I find out if I will be down in your neck of the woods.
I know that we are doing the right thing if we get married this summer because I don’t now where I will be this time next year and so if we do get married we will have something more than a ring to bind us. I am all for getting married this August. If I get posted to Ottawa you will live at home and I will get down 2 times a month and we could certainly have a swell time and we could be saving money to buy things that we will need once this damn war is over.
Well darling that is about all for now but I think that you will agree with me so let me know any new developments. By the way I saw Bob, I do not know his last name but he used to go around with Irene, her last week but I did not get a chance to speak to him.
SO darling, loving you more and more every day, I remain with lots and lots of you yours.



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