April 27, 1942

Bill darling

I received your lovely letter on Thursday but I am sorry it took so long in answering it, but you asked me a very important question and it took a lot of time deciding and I wanted to be sure before I wrote it down. It is now Sunday night and we have just finished our supper, we had Ted around for supper and at the present moment he is sound asleep on the chesterfield and mother is trying to put Beverley to sleep as she is very fussy today.
How is the weather downt here, it has been very warm here the last week, it has been up to 80 degrees just like summer. DO you still like it down there dear? Have you any idea when you will be moved?
Bill are you on the outskirts of Halifax or can you answer that, so the orchestra was pretty good (who did you dance with?)
Well darling I guess you are wondering what I have decided. Oh Bill dear if you were only here so that I could talk to you in person. It is so hard to put in my letters the way I feel. I went to see your Mother Thursday night to have a talk with her and she read your letter. Bill darling your parents were grand, your father was all keen about us but your mother would like us to wait for a while but she said she would not stand on our way and if we decided to marry in August that they would give us our bedroom suite and fix your room when you came home. But Bill I have thought it all over and have decided to wait. I know you are going to be disappointed but not any more than I am. Don’t think that I don’t want to marry tis summer dear, every time I think of the fun we could have I could cry and don’t think I haven’t. Gosh darling could I use your shoulder but mother is not so well and she couldn’t give me the wedding that she would like to this summer.
Please Bill do not think of me as selfish but I want a nice wedding. I think that is what all nice young girls dream of, please try and see my point of view dear, it is very hard for me to say yes what would you say if we waited until January? We would have some more money to back us, and I would not think twice about saying yes.
Your mother will be writing you the same time as I am writing yours and she will explain it all to you also. My mother said she wished she could talk to you she was grand about it and so was Pop. Bill if we went to January to would only be a few more months and Bill dear the way I love you I can wait for a few extra months.
Bill do you really know how much I love you and how much I miss you? But its entirely up to you if you wont wait until January or next summer. As you can tell by the letter I don’t feel in the laughing mood. I took Beverley over to see your Mother yesterday afternoon and your Pop was sure tickled with her, your Mother asked if I wished she was mine and I said yes, I think you know how much I would like one of our own.
Do you still want to take your holidays with me or are you mad at me? We could have 2 grand weeks together and maybe we could go up to the Holts for the week and save the other week for your Mother. Is there any special place you would like to go to?
Bill are you sure that I will not see you until August, what I am going to do? For a whole 3 months? I think I am going to complaint to the Royal Canadian Air Force and you said you would only be gone 6 weeks but when you come up in August we can talk it over with your parents and mine.
Non Wilson came in for the weekend from Windsor and she got her ring as Ronnie is a cook in the navy and is leaving for Halifax tomorrow so I gave him your address so that if he got a chance he will go see you. He thinks he will be gone a year.
Marg and Ted and another couple went to the Arcadian, gee I wish you were here. We took some pictures today so as soon as I get them I will send them down to you. I didn’t do anything exciting last week. Doris came over on Friday so if we decide on January I will have to let her know as she will make my wedding dress etc…I will have to give her lots of notice.
I am going to the show with Hazel on Tuesday and then she is going to come over for supper on Thursday. Oh by the way I got my raise making $15.50 and cost of living bonus so I am really making good money now, and lots more for saving.
Well darling I am afraid I will have to close now, but please think over what I said and hurry and answer as I won’t be able to sleep until I hear from you and believe me I haven’t done much sleeping since I got your letter come home soon so I can get some sleep.

Always love dear


P.S Here is a sample of my lipstick, how do you like it?

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