April 18, 1942

Hello Darling

Well dear it is now Sunday afternoon and I have finished all the housework, so I thought I would write you and let you know I received your letter yesterday and I also received your card. I am glad to hear that you had a nice trip and also arrived OK. Nothin much exciting has happened since you left.
How do you like Halifax? Is it as bad as they say it is?
I phoned your Mother as soon as I read your letter and I also told your Pop that were being drilled with rifles gas masks etc. so I guess he will be as proud as punch. I also went to see your Mother last Tuesday and I got another pair of pillow cases and they are smart. Last Wednesday Marg and I went to the Oxford and on Thursday night I took Beverley for a walk in her carriage, we got her carriage last Monday and ,et Pop during my lunch hour and went with him to pick it out.
I think I met everyone I knew when I went walking with her their eyes almost popped out of their head when they found out that she was my sister, they almost fainted.
I was talking to Barbara Stanton last week and she was asking for you, she also heard about Beverley, I do not know who told her but I guess it soon gets around, she did not know about my ring until she saw it on my finger, she said it was very lovely.
We were up in the material department picking out Jan’s materials for her wedding dress, she is being married in June like the first Saturday in June. She is being married up at the lake just a few miles past Jackson’s Point, her mother goes up there all summer. and boards people so that is why she is being married up there. I do not know if I will be a guest or not.
I am listening to a swell program on the radio and they just finished playing Moonlight Cocktails, don’t you wish you were here. I DO.
Well darling another week has gone by, gosh I hope you are only gone for a month, but I will just keep my fingers crossed.
By the way dear, I get my holidays the first 2 weeks in August not bad eh? I didn’t have much choice but that is the best I can get. Can you get leave then gosh I hope so.
By the way O’l dear, how are the Halifax girls, better than the Ottawa girls or are they hot stuff, just watch out about what you do as I have my spies looking out for you!
Bill dear, do you know what the number one hot tune is? Well they are just playing it, “I don’t want to walk with out you” and that is exactly how I feel about you. I guess you know that by now.
Oh and I heard about anther surprise. Marg McLeod got her ring from Len last Saturday, so I guess we started something and also Pat Makolroy, she used to go out with Alex, he got her ring last week also.
Mother has Beverley downstairs and she is feeding her, gosh she is getting fat. Your Mother was around on Friday afternoon to see her but as usual she was sleeping.
Your Mother had a telephone call from Leon’s mother, she had just received a letter from Leon, he is still tall and is in Scotland but he doesn’t like it very well, but when your Mother writes you she will tell you all about it.
I have some more good news for you, we have finally got a house, guess where? It is on Fielding Ave, the same street Ted live on. I have not seen it yet, Mom says it is nothing like this place and it is a house and they are going to do some painting for us etc.
Well darling I do have a few jokes to tell you, but I think that the censor department who opens your mail will probably have their ears and eyes burn, so they will just have to keep until you get home but boy are they cute.
Your letters get opened, gee I would not mind that job, opening up all the boys letters.
Bill dear try and get the book “Kings Row”, boy what a book ask any of the lads if they have read it. I guess you don’t how long you will be in Halifax eh?
Nan Wilson’s boyfriend is in Halifax too but I guess Halifax is filled with sailors, soldiers and airmen that I guess you will not see him.
Well darling I will have to close now as I am running out of news, but I will drop you a line on Wednesday or Thursday it will depend on what kind of night Hazel and I get up to after the show but please hurry and write Bill and also drop your Mother a note.

Loving you more and more each day

P.S Let me know if my letter was opened

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