April 21 1942 – Halifax

Doreen Dear

I received your very nice letter about an hour ago and I decided I would answer it right away so I could catch the 2 o’clock mail.
Well we have been here a week today and it would be a perfect place if it wasn’t for the weather. We have had only abut 2 hours of sunshine in the whole week. The food s really wonderful we had ice cream on Sunday and you can have as much of everything as you want.
They have movie night 4 nights a week and dances 2 nights a week. and it really is a swell orchestra (all free). I went to the dance on Saturday night but there isn’t much STUFF around so I just listened to the music.
I saw Bill Collard here but I did not get a chance to speak to him.
Well dear I am very glad that you got a house even though it is not as nice as Milverton Blvd, it is something. But you want to love there a long time (I hope). By the way did you spray some perfume on your letter because it certainly smelled nice.. Its a good idea, and maybe you can give me a sample of your lipstick too.
Well dear there isn’t very much that I can tell you about Halifax. It is a little bit of a dirty place, all the houses are frame and most of them could use a good paint job. I’m only been downtown twice. Once last Wednesday and on last Saturday afternoon.
The rumour is that a few of us are going to be moved to Moncton and I would not doubt that they move some of us there. But they say it is a really a nice little city so how would you like to come down and live there dear? By the way Eatons have a real big store there so it all depends on you dear.
I can get my leave the first 2 weeks in August so if you can make the arrangements we will go ahead with the wedding as planned. Which I want very, very much and if I get transferred to Moncton maybe you can get a transfer to Moncton and we could love there?
The next time you are shopping with Hazel you better get your own dress for the wedding because I am serious about getting married in August. I am just sorry I cannot get down to talk it over withy you dear and help you with the preparations. Just think it over if you get a transfer here you would get $55 dollars a month and that you be $1,320 in a year and you can buy a lot of things down here for that kind of money.
We are doing very little here outside of office work. I met some of the boys that I was with in Trenton and Belleville and we are having some great times in the barracks.
The only thing that I am afraid of is that I will not be able to get down to help with the wedding as I do not know what to do in regards to preparations. I wish that they had a school course on how to preare for weddings. I am afraid that our wedding will be so small but that is OK by me as long as you are by my side and say I do (you will say I do correct) so write me and let me know everything and keep your eyes open for a cottage for the first 2 weeks in August or would you rather go to Holt’s Island for your honeymoon?
But I am going to write Mom and get her opinion but she is not going to change her mind because it is all made up.
Well dear I guess that is about all but I hope that I will be hearing from you very soon and don’t forget to put stamps at the bottom of your letters it gets here 2 days sooner and let me know any further developments dear and lots and lots of love.


P.S. don’t forget to send me some jokes!

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