April 6, 1942

Doreen Dear:

Well here it is Tuesday and here is the letter that I promised but I’m afraid that I have not much to say. The train trip was pretty long but Bob and I managed to get ourselves a berth. So we slept on our grey coats and things weren’t too bad.
I went to a show at the Y last night but I fell asleep and came hoe and today I think that I will go to bed early (without the redhead HA).
Well darling I really had a grand time on the weekend and you can bet we will have a lot more like that. Nothing more has happened with that Halifax rumour but if I hear more I will certainly let you know. But if anything does happen I will wire you immediately.
If I do go down to Halifax you will be coming down in the fall and you know you will be coming to Halifax with a MRS in front of Doreen.
Its a truly miserable day here, raining and a bit of snow. But I guess it will be nicer tomorrow. I might come down in 2 weeks but I think I will save my money and make it down in a months time. You know how I feel about coming in a month dear, but every $7.40 saved makes it a little nearer to what we need to marry and that is OK for me.
Well darling I guess that is about all the gossip for now but write me as soon as you can. I’ll answer you by Saturday.
Well goodbye darling and lots and lots of love.


P.S I think that a double bed would be when we marry would be a good thing. You have better been drinking a lot of egg nogs and malted milks to keep you healthy.

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