March 17, 1942

Bill Dearest

Here I am again, that O’l Toronto pest with just a few lines of gossip. Well darling how was your trip back. Did you get any sleep and did on whose shoulder did that Air Force man rest his head on?
Those poor fellows in the front could not have been too comfortable. I think I should have come back with you I think I would have liked the trip.
After I left you I went up to Aunt Bessie’s hoping I would catch Dad before he went to the hospital but I was too late. Mother is feeling not too bad, she came home from the hospital yesterday but she was very weak when she gets up and Bill she is so thin, but I guess she will fill out. She seems to have a bad head today but other than that she is OK and my little sister is doing fine.
The doctor was in to see her today and he said everything was OK. Doris made her the cutest basket to sleep in and she looks like a little doll lying in it. I held her last night for a few minutes but she started to cry and kick and I got frightened so I gave her back to Mother but I am going to hold her tonight and give her a bottle.
She is very good and does not cry very much. I have to sleep on the chesterfield all week, some fun that is, too bad you were not here to keep me company.
Darling I was the happiest girl last weekend when you asked me to marry you this summer, you well never know how thrilled I was.
I am not good dear at saying things in a letter that way I would like too but I think you know how I feel.
I hope you bowling arm is in good shape for the tournament.
Have you been to the show this week yet? I think I am going to go tomorrow night. We are having terrible weather since you left, we had an awful storm last night and it was starting to rain when I was coming home from work. We are having our hours changed again I think it is going to be from 9 to 6PM isn’t that awful! I think I may as well take my bed down there at work!
By the way dear poor Mr. Ferris died this afternoon at 2PM isn’t that a shame but I guess it is just as well as he was suffering a lot.
After I finish writing your letter I am going to phone your Mother. Gee Bill your Father was so tickled to meet the boys he kept telling me how he wished he was young again so he could join up.
Well darling I haven’t much more to say so I guess I will close now, as I have some ironing to do.

Lots of love and love from your future wife.


P.S Hurry and write back to this letter
P.P.S I love you
P.P.S.S good bye and good night for now my love

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