March 20, 1942

Hello Darling

I am sorry that I have to write on this paper dear but I’m writing from the office and this is the only paper tht is handy.
We I received your very nice letter and I was very, very glad to hear from you dear. I didn’t bowl this week because I was too tired from work. We didn’t get in here till 5 o’clock and we had one awful trip. We almost froze and then we ran into a dense fog and we ran off the road because of it. I went to bed at 20 minutes to 7 and slept till 8. Tuesday night I went to the show and saw ” Bahama Passage” boy that was a swell picture. Madeline Carroll is certainly some woman but no nicer than you dear.
Wednesday night I went to the Y for gym class and we certainly got a good workout. Last night Thursday, we had to work believe it or not, till 10 o’clock and I went home and read your swell letter.
I was very sorry to hear that Mr. Ferris died dear, I guess it was for the best.
Well darling, I hope that you are doing some planning for next summer. I certainly hope everything turns out OK. I figure that we should do pretty good as far as money is concerned but we will talk it all over when I come down on the weekend. I think I will be coming down this weekend dear but I will let you know definitely when I write next time.
Incidentally I forgot to give you something when I was down last week but I will give it to you when I come down next week. You know how much I love you dear and I know how you care for me as well, so I think that we should be very happy, especially when we have a few little Lewis’ walking around.
By the way how is little Booth doing? She certainly is a cute little kid. Do you like babies dear, I certainly hope so.
Mr. Cormack phoned and asked me if I was going down this weekend. He said that he was motoring down and that I Was welcome. I wish that I could make it down but you know something of the Air Force dear and we cant just “fly” away.
It is certainly a swell day here today. The sun is shining and all the snow is just about gone. Its almost like summer.
Darling would you rather live in an apartment for a while or do you think that we should try and buy a house? Think it over and let mw know. I’m getting an interview here with the head of the department that handles the “National Housing” and I’m lining up some figures and some drawings to give you an idea and to find out myself.
Well dear a week has gone fast I just hope that next week goes as fast and I hope I can get down but don’t count on it too much.
I am going to try and get a posting to Toronto on “compassionate Grounds” I don’t know how that chances are but I am certainly going to try. Has my Mother seen the little one yet? I guess she thinks it is pretty nice.
Well dear that is about all that I know for now but I will answers your letters as soon as I get them.

Lots and Lots of Love


P.S Don’t forget to save your money dear, we’ll need all we can get (I hear it costs about $121 to have a baby that means we will have to save $363) DO you agree?
P.P.S You certainly look like a honey in that blue outfit of yours. I hope you shall wear it next summer.

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