March 8, 1942

Bill Dearest

Hello Dearest

Received your lovely letter and at this moment I am very happy. It is Sunday afternoon and Marg and I have just finished doing the work. How are you keeping dear? Are your meals any better? I am glad to hear that you got my other letter, I don’t know how they made a mistake by sending it to the headquarters because I always address your letters the same.
Well darling as you know by now I have a little sister and Bill you don’t know how thrilled I am about it. We are going to call it Beverley Margaret. Isn’t that a nice name. It is the most darling baby it has brown hair and big blue eyes and weighs 7lbs 1 once. It is the smallest baby in the nursing ward, but it never cries it is the most contented baby all the nurses are crazy about it.
But you will see it when you come home. You get to see it through a glass door but I saw it when Mother had it beside her. Mother is doing grand, but she was very ill for the first 2 days. Bill I never met such a brave person, the doctor even says that she is a remarkable woman. I went up right from work on Friday and had my supper with her and do you know how much it cost me. $1.25 I darn near fainted!
Darling I can hardly wait to see you next Saturday. I was talking to your Mother yesterday and was telling her about you coming down and that maybe you would be coming down in a car but she is not very keen about that idea but hurry home dear as I have a lot to say to you.
I went to the show last Tuesday with 2 of the girls in the office and I also went to the show last night, but the other night I was at the hospital with Pop. You should see Pop he is as proud as punch.
Did Bob have a nice time when he was home? I am glad to hear that the O’l bowling arm is doing better you must have been using that arm for something else (watch your step mister). I hope these arms are in good condition the way I feel they will have to be.
Gosh Bill I miss you, it seems years since I saw you last. Your father has been ill he had a very bad cold so your Mother got he doctor in but he is OK except for his cold. I am sorry I haven’t had the chance to go around and see him, but I think I will try and go around. Your mother has phoned every night though.
I was talking to Hazel yesterday, and Rex is stationed at Camp Borden.
Marg and Ted are both fine they went to the fireman’s ball Thursday evening, with Jack Sherman and his wife and has a nice time.
Jack, you know Anne’s boyfriend is out of work, something happened down at work and he quit but he doesn’t seem to be very worried. He was down at the office the other day but Anne says he is just taking a rest that he will get another job easy.
Bill you should hear the kidding I am taking down at the office. You would think that the baby was mine (gosh I wish it was). They were saying that these Air Force men were terrific as they saw my pin. All the men came up and shook hands with me.
You are asking if there was anything I would like for my cedar chest, well darling anything you would like to bring ,e would be much appreciated, just you suit yourself. I would rather have something that you picked yourself.
I guess I will have to get going dear as I have get dressed as we are going to Aunt Bessie’s for supper.
All my love


X – one from Beverely

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