The question is why should I do this? Why should I take this little blue suitcase that contained letters that were exchanged between my Grandma and Papa over the course of 6 years during World War 2 and put them on the internet? Why would I take these letters and share them with others, strangers? The answer is simple, Love.

A simple love story that was started in the 1940’s and lasted 76 years. A love that lasted through the separation of War, the groovy 60’s, the disco era of the 70’s, the abundance of the 80’s and the introduction technology and the world wide web of the 90’s

Where did it all start? How did they stay connected before the invention of faxes, email, texts and Facebook? It was the simple act of letter writing. Expressing how they felt, what they were doing, wishes and dreams long before the instant gratification that we have today.

I hope during these difficult times that you find some comfort in knowing that people have survived even though they are separated and in some small way, I hope you find comfort in the exchanges I will share.



5 thoughts on “Why?

  1. It is so awesome that they each kept their letters from the other one and then both sets of letters ended up together in a suitcase and the two individuals finally were together. After we find out what transpired between Doreen and Bill during the six war years, will you let us know the rest of their love story, Jay?

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