July 22, 1941

Dear Willie

I won’t start by asking how you are because you seem to be doing fine by your previous letters, or should I say one note.
I am so glad that you like Trenton but I’ve heard from several people that it is not a very lively place. You never said what time you get off at or if you get off every evening and if you know me I am a very curious person.
I was going to take you Mother to the Withrow Park Picnic on Wednesday but I have been working every night so I don’t know if I will be able to take her or not. I came home on the street car with your Dad tonight and I was telling him you might be coming home this weekend and he was very pleased to hear that.
Bill, you never said if you got the strap of you watch fixed? I was talking to the man I know at Eatons that I bought it from and he was asking if it was OK but I said I hadn’t heard and I told him about the strap and he said if you couldn’t get it fixed or if anything went wrong with it at any time just to bring it back to him and he would fix it for me. So if you haven’t got it fixed yet I will get it off you on Saturday or when we come up on Sunday.
Well Bill I have not been doing anything exciting yet. Jim, you know, the fellow from Montreal phoned me Saturday and wanted me to go out with him but I went to a mixed shower for Bert Cambell and it turned into a party and I have a very nice time. Jim then suggested to me that we go horseback riding on Sunday but I had promised Mom to go to Lake Wilcox with her and the McKenzie’s and I had a swell time. Billie has bought me on of those radios that you can carry around with you. It cost him $60.00 and another good thing was he didn’t Herb with him. So I was saying about Jim I thought I wouldn’t hear from him again but he phoned Tuesday night but I was working so I don’t know what he wanted.
I was talking to your mother the other night and she has been talking to Jack Dowes and he still doesn’t like his station very much. I think he must be nuts though because why the dickens did he join the army if he thought he would like it?
Hazel told me to tell you she was asking for you again. Rex has got his uniform now and Hazel says he looks grand in it, but I just told her she should have seen you in your uniform boy, I going on about you and how you looked in your uniform. I expect a quarter from you for that statement when you come home.
You were saying that when you din Trenton you all had to have a medical examination. What have you boys been doing anyhow, don’t the Air Force trust you boys to be alright? If you only knew what I know Bill. I will let you know in a few years by that time you should know all about life. HA HA
I will let you know I am much more advanced than you think. I will let you practice on the Trenton gals and then you will right in the grove when you meet me. But all fooling aside I hope you get down this weekend but I wont count on it I’ll just keep my fingers crossed
Have you seen anyone you know up there yet? What time do you have to go to bed? Oh about this fellow you are bringing home with you how old is he? IS he tall or short? See I told you I was very curious fellow – pardon me – person.
Marg had a letter from Ted yesterday but he never said if he liked where he was stationed or not. Mother, Dad, Marg are all asking for you.
Bill is there anything you would like me to send up to you (besides myself) but I guess you can get whatever you need up there except me. (boy I am getting conceited) but of course you know I am on fooling. Well Bill I guess that’s all the news I can give you for now or if you call what I am I writing the news as I think I will write Gord while I am in the mood. Please excuse my terrible writing but I’ll blame it on the pen and also there is a plane overhead and I just cant hear myself think.
Hoping to hear from you again this week get that? Remember you promised 2 a week or else I ganging up on you.
Lots of love

Hoping these kisses will do you until you get home

P.S I will still keep my fingers crossed for you coming home on Saturday
P.P.S Don’t do much practicing on those Trenton girls!

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