Monday afternoon – May 15, 1944

Hello Darling;

Well dear I received your very nice letter this afternoon and am very glad to hear that everything is fine and dandy with you and the baby. I had Saturday morning off if I wanted it and I could have gone home for Saturday and Sunday but I thought it was spending too much money 2 weeks in a row and I was sorry that I didn’t after all.
Well let me what I did. Thursday night I went to the “Hospitality House”. Friday night I went to the station dance and I wished that you had been there the whole night. The American Army Air Corps band played for us and what a band. Everyone of the boys had played for a big band before joining and they were really good. It did not break up until 1 o’clock and I am sorry that you were not there. Saturday afternoon I slept all afternoon and I went for a walk in the evening and really did not do very much at all.
Sunday morning I went to church and heard a very good sermon on Mothers and I thought of you the whole time dear. In the afternoon I went for a walk with 3 of the boys and spent an hour at the ball game and then walked along the lake shore that is Lake Louise. It is really lovely and I just wish you could come down for a week to really enjoy it later on. I had my supper at the Hospitality House and played records for an hour or so. Then I played Ping Pong there was only about 6 fellows around, about 8 o’clock a group of girls came in who were in a concert party and they put on a very good show. You know with a strip tease and everything (Oh yeah) they were not bad but I think you could put on a better show.
Tonight I guess I will go to the station show, there is some picture with Kay Kyser in it and it shouldn’t be too bad. I guess I will go to the 8:30 show though as I have a lot of work to do getting my summer issue out of storage and ready to wear as they are starting to wear it down here. I hardly seems any time since I was just starting to wear it down in Halifax, boy that was the good old days weren’t they dear?
They are paying all the boys who want to live out substance allowance now. It is $1.25 a day that is pretty good isn’t it, so I could line up a nice apartment. I think we should see what we can do about it as I am sure that you would like it down here but let me know what you think, we could do it until Donna is a little older.
I was talking to that fellow about bottle nipples and the name is “Nurse rite”, he said you might have trouble getting one but they are well worth the trouble. I am glad to hear that our little daughter is getting on so well and the orange juice and the cod liver oil will make a big difference and with a loving mother like you darling she will really get alone just fine. And having your Mom there and little Beverley I think it will be just so damn cute to watch them grow up together.
I was speaking with Lloyd and it seems nothing has happened yet for him and he said he is trying his hardest to make everything happen for him to ensure that he becomes a father. What luck we had dear, and we sure had fun trying didn’t we?
Well dear that is about all for now so all my love to you and our daughter dear.
Your loving husband and pop,


XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX – P.S – I love you very, very much


I have been very fortunate to talk about this amazing journey on a number of shows, and if you would like to watch here are the links to the segments.


The question is why should I do this? Why should I take this little blue suitcase that contained letters that were exchanged between my Grandma and Papa over the course of 6 years during World War 2 and put them on the internet? Why would I take these letters and share them with others, strangers? The answer is simple, Love.

A simple love story that was started in the 1940’s and lasted 76 years. A love that lasted through the separation of War, the groovy 60’s, the disco era of the 70’s, the abundance of the 80’s and the introduction technology and the world wide web of the 90’s

Where did it all start? How did they stay connected before the invention of faxes, email, texts and Facebook? It was the simple act of letter writing. Expressing how they felt, what they were doing, wishes and dreams long before the instant gratification that we have today.

I hope during these difficult times that you find some comfort in knowing that people have survived even though they are separated and in some small way, I hope you find comfort in the exchanges I will share.